Friday, May 26, 2006

Last time I checked Frank, "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!"

Some of baseball's "unwritten rules":

1. When a pitcher throws at your guy, your pitcher's throwing at their guy the next inning.

2. You don't pull a "position player" in the middle of the top or bottom of an inning.

3. You take all the supplements that you legally can so that you can hit tons of home runs before the "late-to-react" commissioner makes the supplements illegal. Oooops. I don't think that's unwritten. They've probably got it on paper at the BALCO Labs, I'm sure.

Anyway, I'll focus on #2. Now, I really don't watch or like baseball very much until playoff time or unless Albert Puhols highlights are on Sportscenter. But last night, Frank Robinson got real emotional during a post-game press conference because he pulled his catcher (a position player) during the middle of an inning (the 7th to be exact). When I say emotional, I mean he actually shed a tear for pulling a guy who was playing HORRIBLY (to put it mildly). Homie gave up 7 steals and committed 2 errors. He actually threw the ball into center field twice trying to throw out a runner stealing second. You could have put a college catcher in there and he wouldn't have been as bad. So this guy DESERVED to get pulled. But oh yeah, baseball has these unwritten rule things you gotta follow.

Well, Frank manned up and decided he wasn't going out like that yesterday. No friggin way!

Initially, my reaction to Frank's tears at the post-game press conference was WTF? Why is this dude crying because he pulled a player mid-inning? Then Stuart Scott enlightened me to rule #2 above. My reaction after that..."So the f&ck what?" The object of the game is to win! This guy gets paid what I am sure is a large sum of money per year to play well. Not to SUCK! If I don't perform well at my job, they're gonna fire me. Not send me home for the day and cry about the shyt! And this cat makes wayyyyyy more than I do, I'm sure of that. So give me a BREAK baseball purists and give me a break Frank Robinson. If this was basketball he'd be on the bench. If this were football he'd be on the bench. I don't know -ish about hockey but I bet he'd be on the bench there too! So why is it such a BIG TEAR-JERKING DEAL?

Even the catcher you pulled understood the situation. He didn't cry about it! He said even if he pop-dukes was the manager he would expect to have been pulled. So find something else to cry about man. Like the fact that your team friggin sucks!

Somebody who knows about baseball, please explain this situation to me, PLEASE! Dag, I actually typed this much about baseball. Somebody sedate me!

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