Thursday, May 25, 2006


"You're talking Canada I can't understand" - Ali G.

I must admit that until last night, I was still in denial about Steve Nash being the NBA's MVP. I guess because I am a huge LeBron fan I got caught up in the hype of LeBron making it to the second round (and almost beating Detroit) that I bought into the idea that he should have won the MVP award over Nash. I should never have doubted Nash.

Last night (and in retrospect now that I take off my LeBron-colored least, temporarily) Steve Nash proved to me once and for all that he's the NBA MVP.

Unfortunately for Dirk, it wasn't all smiles with Nash last night. Did you see that shot he hit with Dirk all over him in the 4th quarter? Did you see the 3-pointer he hit with Dirk guarding him to keep his team close? Did you know that on the final play of the game he was supposed to get the ball but when he realized Dallas knew the play he was unselfish enough to let Boris Diaw take the shot to win the game?

Man, that was GREAT leadership. A lot of players would take that shot no matter what, especially the league's MVP. But Nash recognized Diaw was on fire last night (like 30+ points) and decided to show his teammate that he had the confidence in him to win the game. That's leadership. That's what the MVP should do.

Could you imagine Kobe doing that? (I know, I just couldn't make this post without mentioning Kobe) I don't think so.

Could you imagine Lebron doing that? Perhaps. But with everyone in the media saying Lebron can't hit a game winner or he's not clutch, perhaps even the young Magic Jordan aka King James aka Bron-Bron would actually take the shot just to show us all that he can hit that shot when he wants to (even with a suspect jumpshot).

Back to Nash though. This guy is humble while being an amazing point guard and player in general. He's a great leader, a great teammate, and one of the best 3 point guards in the NBA. Without Nash the Suns would probably be more like the Bucks. I know I'm late everybody, but last night I gained one helluva lot of respect for Steve Nash. I might even start rooting for the Suns to win this series. MIGHT!


dp said...

real talk is that I was drinking the 'Witness' kool-aid too. I convinced myself that I'm not a bigot by supporting Dirk, but damn I hate me some Steve Nash.

The NBA's Western Conference has been the most entertaining overall, but my favorite series was the Cavs against the Wiz.

I still got Dallas to come out of the west, because, well, that's my name motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

I can understand your Nash hatred. I have never hated him, but I never appreciated the dude's skill like most other people seemed to. For some reason though, his performance last night really impressed me. I gotta give him his credit.

I agree with you on the cavs/wiz series. The wiz are my favorite team and the cavs have my favorite player, King James So I was kinda torn during that series.

Imma have to go with Dallas vs. Miami in the finals. And no I'm not drinking that "miami" juice although I do love me some South Beach!

Anonymous said...

Well that game was a piece of art from Nash how he passed early then shot,passed and then shot.

He must have made 4-5 passes that resulted in baskets that TNT couldn't catch with their camera's because of his quickness of getting rid of the ball all we saw was the ball dropping throught the hoop.

Nash has a serious back problem that limits him if he plays to much.I wouldn't worry too much about Lebron once the voters give him his first MVP he will be on a run of 5 or 6 in a row.I am surprised that Nash wins MVP's because while he deserves them I am surprised people "get it".

Normally passing the ball and controlling the tempo while making your whole team much better than the sum of their parts doesn't usually get recognized in most sports.

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention you're surprised people "get it", I actually think they've always gotten it. I mean, Tim Duncan has won a couple MVPs, Karl Malone won an MVP award, and even A.I. won that year when he was doing more than just scoring. So I think the NBA usually gets it right for the most part. This year was a difficult one b/c the NBA obviously wants to promote its youngest superstar Lebron and Kobe took a horrendous team to the playoffs and scored 63 and 81. But overall, I think Nash has proved that he's the guy who makes his team the best. I mean, he's the only one still left in the playoffs.