Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Would you do a sex-scene with Halle Berry?

It's more of a rhetorical question for the fellas. I'm sure 99.9% of the guys you and I know (not to mention the rest across the world) would probably give up a limb to even fake sex with Halle Berry. Hold up, some guys probably ake it all the time (nah mean). And now that I think of it, half you ladies out there might not admit it publicly, but you probably wouldn't mind either. But anyway, I digress!

Fellas, there is that .1% who would NOT die to even fake it with her. Without any further adieu I introduce that 0.1%...BRUCE WILLIS!

Willis said: "I get all awkward. She's beautiful. It's almost like looking at an eclipse of the sun.

That was taken from here

Yeah Bruce, I might feel a little awkward at first too. That is until I dove under those sheets like a 5-year-old diving on a slip-n-slide (and the picture below is PRECISELY how I would look).

Look Ma, no hands!

Of course, my slip-n-slide move into the bed would be 100% contingent on whether or not I was single, under the influence of alcohol, and on a closed-set or a set with no men of ambiguous sexuality. Just a few caveats, right?

How do you go from Nakatomi plaza to Demi Moore to this? Man, he's a friggin disgrace to men everywhere! Bruce immediately goes from rough, tough, macho and respected...

To THIS! A freaking BAMA/TOOL:

It's gonna take another Die Hard film for me to get over this. Then again, that may not do it. It's probably gonna take something much more grand and unbelievable. Like Bruce stealing Demi back from Ashton Kutcher. Man, this guy is CRAZY!


Jazz said...

I CAn NOT front! I'm so feeling your blog! Tight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jazz!!!

Billy Sunday said...

Real Talk is that I hate Halle as an actress but I would beat fire out of that octaroon princess with my 2minute tiger

Anonymous said...

"2minute tiger"...CLASSIC! I never actually thought about it until you just left that comment, but she's not ALL THAT as an actress. This is coming from someone who is has yet to view that Dorothy Dandridge movie though. I heard that was pretty good. But Monster's Ball was wack and most of the other movie's she's been in haven't been stellar performances. I gotta go back and watch a couple to see if I agree wit you on that one!

Lawrenorder said...

Dorthy Dandridge had a great story and it takes a pretty bad actress to mess that up. That said, the movie was 'ok'... typical Halle, not good, not bad, just generally not all that. I really could have done without the next to last scene in that movie too.

Anonymous said...

Now I REALLY gotta see that movie.