Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Braces, The Chronicles: Step 3, "Through the Wire"

Okay, maybe not quite "Through the Wire" like Kanye, but still, through a wire. Today was the day I got the wire connected to my braces. Interesting experience. I thought it would hurt way more than it did. The worst part was just having someone's hands in your mouth for 45 minutes, putting wires in, taking wires out, twisting, tightening, etc.

But right now (approx. 7 hours after the fact), it's starting to ache a little bit. But it's by no means painful...YET!

I was told by the dental assistant that it would hurt tomorrow morning. So I'll probably be complaining tomorrow.

Here's a few shots of what it looks like. It looks alot worse than it feels.

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