Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why YOU wanna go and do that?

"...if it may pop-OFF, I'll answer the question when I get yo block knocked OFF!!!"

I was told watch this video because TIP has the same bandana thing around his neck that he wore in his last video and that Kanye wore here which I hated on (shot out to Lauren). Well, I watched the video online and still haven't seen the bandana in question. But I will say that the video made me like this WACK song a little.

I personally didn't like the song when I first heard it and still don't, but I will say that it's growing on me. Especially after the Hawaii setting and gorgeous leading lady siced me a little bit.

I like TI alot. If you've been on this blog before you probably already know that. But I thought the song was a little too soft for what I am used to hearing from TI. Or maybe I just ignore the super-duper-radio-friendly joints he's done in the past. But personally, I think that "Bring Em Out" is as radio-friendly as I like TIP to get. But now that I've seen the video for "Why You Wanna" I like the song a little and it's probably gonna grow on me depending on if I hear it at a cranking cookout next or at the club or at a moment when I am in a pi$$y mood. Time will tell.

Anyway, if you've made it this far in the post you've probably watched it already. If you haven't, check it out and let me know what you think.


Lawrenorder said...

Oh no! I wasn't talking about the bandana thing, I was talking about the weird color combinations. I know it's the "in" thing these days, but to me it's right up there with Kayne's teddy bear sweaters. It's probably just me, but that candy-coated color sweater and the equally candied button up shirt under it weren't quite hitting the spot. I'll take my skittles in a bag, thanks.

T. Clarke said...

T I wears the bandana in the "What you know" video...which I know you love that song, so you should have seen that by now...

Anonymous said...

Lawren...I guess I heard you wrong in our convo the other day. I don't have a problem with the yellow and that hat. It's Hawaii. It's sunny...It's better than that CamWrong pink.

Tiff...I saw the TI outfit with the bandana. Because he wore it in a thugged out way, I didn't even notice it until after I made the post about Kanye wearing it like a fruit. But to each his own. I don't like how Kanye wore it but he's doing him.

T. clarke said...