Monday, May 15, 2006

"I love you too JohnnyCakes!"

This is what you have to both HATE and LOVE about the Sopranos...Friggin' Vito and Mr. Johnnycakes!

You have to hate it because, as a heterosexual male, you honestly don't want to see this stuff while watching an HBO series about a mafia family. I mean, I'm pretty secure about my sexuality and I am losing my little homophobia and alladat ...HOLD UP...

FYI - I will never completely lose homophobia because once you do that, you open yourself up to changing sides (and you know what I mean) and I will NEVER (yes, I said NEVER) change sides.

Back to my post...Okay, so you have to hate watching gimpy leg Vito get it on with Mr. Handlebar mustache just off the strength of the rather awkwardness of the whole relationship. Ill!

BUT, you gotta love that the writer's of the Soprano's incorporated this into the story. I mean, it's gonna undoubtedly force some people who don't want to think about that type of stuff to actually have a discussion about it. And even if the discussion ends in nothing progressive or positive, at least it's being talked about. That's the first step in opening people's minds a little, right?

So while what you're about to watch below is downright atrociously disgusting and almost vomit-inducing for me...It's one reason why the Soprano's is a great show!

$20 says Vito gets popped by the end of the next episode. Bet Johnnycakes is gonna cry like a str8 girl!

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