Friday, May 19, 2006

Elton Brand <--> Karl Malone

I noticed this a few games ago. Elton Brand sinking that 15-18 foot jumper with regularity. With that same lil fade-away that a certain Utah Jazz player used to do back in the day off of pick-and-rolls from Mr. short-shorts (John Stockton).

Elton Brand is becoming the modern-day Karl Malone right in front of our eyes. How sad sad sad for us. But how great for him. Karl Malone is one of my least favorite great players of all time. Meaning, I recognize his greatness but I can't stand him. He's really one of the most understated and boring players to watch since before Tim Duncan came around. Complete and total bore to watch.

Now it looks like Elton Brand and his new look Clippers are gonna give me a fun team with a Karl Malone-esque power forward to bore me to death for 20-25 touches per game. I'm happy the Clippers are doing well. Anybody who stinks it up that long deserves some sort of shine in the end. But damn Elton. Can't you be a little more exciting. I mean during the regular season you're cool b/c I can start you on my fantasy squad and watch the points roll in with consistency. And I am not subjected to your boring style of play b/c you're in the Western conference and I live on the East coast. But during the playoffs could you please crank up the excitement in your game? Jeez?

Oh yeah, there's someone else who agrees with me sort of I guess.

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