Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CamRon just doesn't get it...

Not only does this dude make a diss track (another one) aimed at Jay, but he QUOTES JAY-Z lyrics in the daggon song! How can you make a diss track about Jay-Z yet use Jay-Z's lyrics as part of the diss? This dude is HILARIOUS!

I assume this is some sort of response to the Hustlin Remix where Jay makes a few comments that could be interpreted as shots at Cam.

Some funny quotes from this joint:

1. "He out of retirement, Jordan on the Wizards!"

2. "He only go to Marcy on Christmas day"

3. "I got houses where you hide, I hustle where you live" (check Jay-Z's lyrical archive for this one)

4. "I done dust and fried him, the fans must oblige him Call the sandals slippers you can't justify em"

...and my personal favorite...

5. "Only G-4 I'm on is a labtop!"

Oh yeah, "this a NITTY beat..."

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