Thursday, June 1, 2006

Redskins (and Sean Taylor) catch a lucky break

NFL wide receivers, picture this...The ball snaps, you run past Shawn Springs and you head across the middle on a crossing pattern. The QB tosses the ball your way and then you see Adam Archuleta coming from one side and Sean Taylor coming from the other...WAKE UP! It was just a nightmare!

Then again, maybe not...

Looks like the Redskins and Sean Taylor caught a break yesterday.

Yesterday, Taylor - a guy proclaimed by Clinton Portis to be the craziest Miami University football player ever - "reached an agreement with prosecutors to drop felony charges against him and plead no contest to two misdemeanors in his assault case, avoiding jail time and the possibility of missing any of the upcoming NFL season."

This means he will actually play next season and be able to crack more heads like he did last year. Hopefully he doesn't continue doing dumb things like spitting in people's faces. I really hope this was a learning experience for him and that he has matured from it. He's making way too much money and is way to priveleged to act like a maniac. (UPDATE: Enjoy this video of what he does on the field)

"Taylor, a former University of Miami standout, signed a seven-year, $18 million contract with the Redskins after he was drafted in 2004. "

Like I always tell people, there's a time to be classy and there's a time to be a$$ey. It takes some of us longer to figure out when to be what, than it does others.

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