Tuesday, June 27, 2006

B-b-b-b-b-wait it gets worse!

Many of you probably already read my post about Tom Cruise's hideous dancing to the Yung Joc song. Well, it's actually gotten a tad bit worse now, depending on how you look at it.

Below is exhibit B in this case of unorthodox dance style.

Some notes:

1. Did Shaq pat him on the ar$e or was it just me?

2. Did Pat actually try to do the "lean wit it rock wit it" for a hot-second?

3. Is it just me, or did the announcer say, "Just bought a zone, WADE'S on my feet!"? Whoa!

Now if you're a Miami fan, this is probably just cute and funny.

If you're Yung Joc, you should be extremely happy b/c you're going to sell alot more records now that you've been indirectly or directly endorsed by Diddy, Nitty (LMAO), Tom Cruise (sorta), the Miami Heat, and Pat Riley.

If you're anyone else, you might be a little worried that WAY too many people are attempting to do this dance without practicing first! Now, you may say that you don't need any practice to do such a simple dance, but I believe that Tom and Pat give my point great justification.

If you would like to see them both in the same blogpost, click here. And even the author of this blog warns that "Playing them simultaneously could make your head explode..."


2 Live for your Crew said...

I have a confession: I taught my mom the dance. I'm contributing to the chaos. Sadly, even though she's a 5'2" 57-year-old Sri Lankan woman, I think she still whoops Pat and Tom at it.

T.C. said...

LMMFAO!!! WHY??!!! WHY??!!! But hey it made me laugh today!

Anonymous said...

2 Live for MY Crew? Yeah right (LOL). I think the dance is gonna become pretty mainstream soon, if it hasn't already. I mean, everybody seems to at least know the song, if not the dance too. I think anybody can beat Tom and Pat. You can only be AS BAD as them, not worse. They set the bar extremely low. It's definitely funny to watch though.