Thursday, June 1, 2006

Spelling is a..


I know I'm probably the only person who really has been paying attention to the spelling bee this year. Not that I actually watch it, but I do enjoy the coverage that the sports channels are giving the spelling bee.

My favorite moment thus far in the coverage was when an anchor for Comcast Sportsnet asks one of the kids in the bee:

Anchor: How do you spell relief?

Kid: Use it in a sentence.

Anchor: I have a stomach ache, I need some relief.

Kid: Relief, r-e-l-i-e-f, relief.

Anchor: Uh, sorry, that's not right. It's actually Rolaids, r-o-l-a-i-d-s, rolaids.

That was hilarious! I really think you probably had to be there though so this probably comes off really lame.

I guess I've got a soft spot for those intelligent kids because I used to want to bee (LOL) one of them. In elementary school I participated in a spelling bee in my 5th grade year. I believe I tied with my homeboy James Lampkin. I actually remember the word I got wrong and they still let me slide on it, "rearrange". Unfortunately, I thought there were only two "r"'s in that word back in the 5th grade. It was cool though because even though I got it wrong, the still called it a tie.

This may seem odd, but after that, I really wanted to be in the national spelling bee. Pretty much because I just thought I was a good speller (even though I couldn't spell rearrange". But of course, this never happened and in the 6th grade James and I decided we were gonna both be involved in computers. We didn't know how, but we knew we'd be doing something with computers.

So here I am today, a web developer with a computer engineering degree. I talked to James a few months ago and I used to talk to him about every 6 months or so. I told him a while back about that conversation we had in the 6th grade and if he remembered it. And he remembered it also. He's married with kids now, I can't recall what his occupation is, but you know what I'd guess ;-)

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