Tuesday, June 6, 2006

New York New York it's the city of dreams...

In about a week I'll be heading to New York for a 1-night stay with a few fellas. We're staying in Manhattan and we'll probably be hitting up an over-priced restaurant and a lounge and/or club. Anybody have any suggestions on 1) a place to eat, 2) a place to party.

Please holla at ya boy!


dallas said...

hey playboy,
if you are going to be in town tonite(Friday) come thru my spot.

117 East 15th Street
thats between Park Ave and Irving Pl.

no cover,and RobSwift will be spinning. good foodis served too.


Anonymous said...

Good look DP!

I'm actually not coming through until next weekend (17th) and just for a day at that. Got any Saturday night joints to recommend?