Thursday, June 15, 2006

Once again, Tom Cruise takes shyt too far!!!

Yung Joc, "helping our white friends dance" since 2006...

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

(Shot out to B-Mizzy for sending me this one)

What's funny is, that bama was really trying to do the dance! Where's Huggy Low Down when you need him? The bama of the week-week-week! If a picture is worth 1000 words, what's that video worth? LOL.

I think I'll set the over/under on how many shots of Patron Tom had (trying to hang with the bruhs) before this fiasco (no Lupe!) at approximately 6 (and one "white line" if you know what I mean).

In any event, lemme give you some help Tom. Practice, practice, practice homie...

Funny thing is, none of us would expect it, but I bet Katie Holmes can do that dance to the T! Maybe she taught ole Tommy how to do it...And I bet she was looking at him just like this when he tried that -ish in public...

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