Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why Ebay is GREAT!

Ebay seems to be a service that people either really like and will willingly use, or are reluctantly to use and don't trust.

I am of the former group rather than the latter. I think Ebay is a very useful service. I've been using the service off-and-on for about 3 years now. I first began buying CDs off of Ebay and other random stuff like accessories for my car. Then I started selling stuff on Ebay like old electronics, computer accessories, to today where I just sold a pair of shoes on Ebay.

But what I like about Ebay is that I can save for new stuff I wanna buy, by selling my old stuff on Ebay. For example, I am looking to buy a scanner/printer/copier/fax machine for my computer. So what am I doing? I'm selling the scanner that I currently own on Ebay to offset the cost of the new scanner/printer/copier/fax machine I am looking into buying. Not to mention the money from the shoes I just sold on Ebay will probably go toward this purchase as well.

That's why I like Ebay. Some things you just don't trust "sellers" enough to buy off of Ebay, but there are alot of "safe bet" purchases you can make on Ebay and end up paying less than you would if you went to the store and bought them. You just have to be patient enough to wait on the shipping.

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