Friday, June 30, 2006

Wedding Weekend (Part 4): Reception

The wedding was the most mild-mannered and traditional thing that took place on Saturday night. The reception. BANANAS! Now I've been in a few weddings and I've been to a few. Most receptions I've been to have a bar or an open bar. This reception was "dry" though so there was no alcohol being served or drank at the reception. At first, I must admit, I was a little disappointed in my man for not having the open bar. But the bride's father is a pastor and their a southern Christian family so I can respect his decision not to have alcoholic beverages being served.

The reception started with the entrance of the wedding party...

After we all waltz in, we got seated and had a very nice dinner. The roast beef, mashed potatoes, and green beans were BANGIN! I'm still thinking about that meal.

While eating, most of the guys noticed that the music was str8 old-school background music. Not conducive to the party-type reception we all wanted. However, after we ate, the Best Man and Matron of Honor (matron, right?) made their congratulatory speeches and then it was time for the dollar dance. This kinda got everyone off their feet to get up and dance with the bride (the guys) and the groom (the ladies). After the dollar dance, everyone in the wedding party was up on the dancefloor kinda standing around for a minute just looking kinda bored and stiff. But the DJ put on some southern creole song and all the natives in the room went off like Jay-Z just dropped "allow me to reintroduce myself" in that joint!

They kinda got the party started a little. But once that Lil Jon and E-40 joint came on (Snap Yo Fingaz) the party blasted off. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of the most fun I've had (sober) at a wedding reception, EVER! The Lil Jon and 40-water track got everybody dancing. Next up though was Lean Wit it Rock Wit It and this joint got everybody dancing. That dance was in full-effect among the wedding party. So much so, that we had a battle between the guys and the girls to see who could rock the dance the hardest. Picture this:

Ten guys, some grown men and some teens all in a line side-by-side leaning wit it and rockin wit it. And on the other side, ten girls, some women and some girls, all in a line side-by-side leaning wit it and rockin wit it. It was a str8 battle!

What made it great was that even the guys who don't normally do those dances (the groom and Wayne) both danced their a$$e$ off! Me, I was looking like an uncoordinated bama on the dancefloor as usual. LOL.

This dance-off ensued for one more song, It's Goin Down! And if you've been following my blog at all, you know how I feel about that song! So needless to say I was SICED! Don't laugh at me too hard about that one B-Mizzy!

After the Joc joint went off, the dancing pretty much stopped and I think we cut the cake after that and they threw the bouquet and garter. Naturally, most of us ducked out of the way and watched that garter fly into the hands of some over-zealous cat in the front of the group.

The reception ended with all the members of the wedding party (except the bride and groom) doing the "Goin ride the train" dance throughout the reception hall and eventually out the doors of the reception hall. So much random fun. It was GREAT!

The entire rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception was GREAT! I'm really happy for my homie and I hope they're having lots of fun on their honeymoon...Ain't that right Dane?

Since two of the groomsmen were engaged and Wayne just had a baby, the question of the weekend was, "Is Weezy next to get married?" Well, I'll let him give you the answer to that...

LMAO! Yeah, that's what I thought! LOL.

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