Wednesday, June 7, 2006

"I talked to Ma$e about it!"

There is so much wrong with this footage that I won't even begin to describe it. DMX sounds pretty normal (for DMX anyway) here. Psychiatric ward, get him a room ready...Prepped with dog food and a Bible.

Imma set the over/under on how many blunts he hit before this at 5...Taking all bets!

A few highlights:

"I really can't f&ck wit cat ni99as" - This one is pretty self-explanatory considering who said it.

"Imma tell you the truth, I talked to Ma$e about it because I know my true calling in life is to be a pastor." - Yeah, and that's the first guy I'd talk to if I wanted to be pastor too!

"I could do that for God, that's why I decided to keep it f&cking moving" - Nice usage of the expletive there homie.

"How you gonna have a nikka with lip gloss, saying when your shyt gonna come out" - ???

"I ain't gonna put myself in a place where I gotta walk around with handcuffs" - Uh, you sure THAT'S what you meant to say...Considering your rap sheet and all.

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