Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Wedding Weekend (Part 2)

Okay, now that we've all got past Part 1, it's time to move on to the wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Here we are about to head out to the rehearsal

Sidebar: The phrase of the weekend for the groom was "Ya'll boys CLEAN!" Meaning, we were dressed very well. For some reason, Jon has been saying this every time he sees me or Wayne dressed up for the past 2 years or so. It's pretty funny considering he's seen me dressed up tons of times but each time he acts like it's the first. It's a compliment though so it's all good.

The rehearsal was cool. Lots of joking among the groomsmen about the groom getting "cold feet" and jokes about how the bridesmaids better be cute. Overall, everything went smoothly because the bride had this thing planned out like a military strike! So much so, that all members of the wedding party received print-outs of the schedule of events for the wedding day. And of course the print-outs were on colored paper that matched the wedding colors. NO, I am NOT JOKING! She did a great job though.

The rehearsal dinner was REALLY NICE. We went to a steak and seafood restaurant where we had our own banquet room reserved. Everyone's order was taken as we walked in and we all were seated (yes, in that order) and we ate.

After everyone had eaten, the bride and groom took time to thank everyone for coming and also give us a glimpse into how they met and how they're relationship progressed to the point of marriage. They did this via a nice and very well put-together Powerpoint slideshow completely with narration by the bride and groom.

After the slideshow, the bride and groom gave out gifts to their wedding party and everyone talked and most members of the wedding party agreed it was time to go out and hang.

All the guys ended up back at the hotel and the ladies, well, I'm not quite sure where they went. But it was decided that we were going to go out somewhere in Lake Charles and hang out. To my surprise, when it was time to roll, not only did the wedding party show up, but also the bride and groom. This was really really nice to see. I thought it was cool that they were gonna go out and hang with everybody the night before the wedding. That's what's up!

Anyway, we ended up in a convoy following the bride's sister to a karaoke spot. This my people, was dangerous! Karaoke, black folks, Lake Charles, alcohol? Man oh man. When we got the karaoke spot we went in and several of us immediately hit the Fat Tuesday's style bar. Daiquiri's are such a beautiful thing. A couple others hit the pool table and the rest congregated at a bunch of bar tables. This place had a stage, a DJ, and a book of songs that was pretty thorough. So you know it was about to be some embarassing moments going DOWNNNN!

The groom ended up wanting to perform "Doin Da Butt" by EU. If you don't know about go-go, then you probably don't know this song. But it's a CLASSIC go-go song. (MORE ON GO-GO) So all the groomsmen except one joined the groom onstage to embarass ourselves performing this song. But we actually had a pretty good performance until the random lady jumped onstage and tried to freak the hell out of one of the groomsmen. LMAO! Fortunately, he went along with it (keeping a safe distance from her donkey-booooootay!).

After the groomsmen performed, the bride and several bridesmaids went up and performed "I'm Every Woman" to a resounding ovation from...Well, everybody that came with us. After that, the night was pretty much a wrap. We contemplated going elsewhere but the bridesmaids weren't down. So we all left and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Part 3 coming soon...This one will have the wedding and reception pics.


T.C. said...

YES! The black family lives!!! This is exactly what I am talking about...I can't wait to see the wedding flicks! oh, and you guys were looking mighty clean....

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly.