Thursday, June 1, 2006

The scariest voicemail I have ever received...

Three minutes ago I got this voicemail message on my cell:

"Hello Mr. Carroll, this is Jerome Clark from the FBI..."

That's how it started. At this point, I damn near shat myself. No bull! This is the same reaction I'd have to the following messages:

1. "Hello Mr. Carroll, this is the IRS..."

2. "Hello Mr. Carroll, lil Tyquan's DNA matches yours..."

I got a few more but you get my point by now I'm sure.

I was so nervous to the point that I started thinking about stuff I did back in high school and anything I might have done since then. Then I remembered that none of that stuff was bad enough to have the FEDS on my back. But boy was I sweating like an Ethiopian in the New York City Marathon. Or better yet, like SHAQ at the foul line.

The message went on to say that I have a friend who they're doing a background investigation on and they need to meet with me to discuss that friend. I'm cool with that. This would be the second time a friend of mine has used me as a reference for a job that required a security clearance. But now I actually have to meet with this Jerome dude which is gonna make me nervous..."Meeting with the FBI? Come on now Mike! Haven't you seen the STOP SNITCHING DVD?"

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Lawrenorder said...

Can I get a FBI security clearance??... probably never will, but that's a sweet deal to me.