Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Wedding Weekend: Louisiana will never be the same (Part 1)

WARNING: This is a LONG POST! Nice pictures though

Maybe I'm sicing it a tad bit too much with that "will never be the same" comment. But we had fun down in Lake Charles, LA.

First and foremost, don't ever drive 23 hours to get anywhere unless God himself is gonna be there waiting on your arrival witha bottle of that wine he created from water. The drive down there and back was the WORST part of the entire trip. The drive down there...Well, it started like this...

At my grandparents house. I dropped my car off there and WG, Prince, and I got all our stuff in the rental car (Impala SS). We lingered at my grandparents house for a minute checking out my grandfathers car and bike.

Once we were done doing that, we hit my favorite fast food joint, the Golden Skillet, and then headed to 66 West for almost a day of driving. Man, man, man did I NOT KNOW what I was about to embark upon. This was what the directions said:

Distance: 1,269 mi (about 1 day 0 hours)

66 West (74 miles)
81 South (376 miles)
40 West (53 miles)
75 South (83 miles)
24 West (17 miles)
59 South (444 miles)
12 West (85 miles)
10 West (4.5 miles)
12 West (122 miles)
US 171 to Martin Luther King Jr. Hwy

So not only were we about to travel a day on the road, we were about to end up in the hood! Everybody knows MLK Jr. streets equal the HOOD! But at least we were gonna be staying at the Best Western so we knew our accomodations would be the LAVISH (LOL).

On the way there we pretty much talked, freestyle'd over Wayne's endless supply of hip-hop instrumentals, talked about each other like friends do, etc. We stopped at an Outback somewhere in Tennessee which delighted me tremendously. That Outback Special is so delicious.

After that it was back on the road. Wayne and I would swap driving duties about every 6 hours. We drove through a horrendous storm somewhere near Birmingham, Alabama that woke me up out of my sleep. I swear it looked like there was a cloud right over-the-top of our car that just followed us. I was honestly scared. I suggested to Wayne that we pull over under and overpass and he blew me off like he drives through typhoon-type weather daily. Different strokes for different folks I guess. All this was around 2am or so on Friday. We drove until about 6:30 am that morning and got tired as hell.

So what'd we do? We pulled over at a "rest area" in M-I-crooked-lettah-crooked-lettah...screw it. That would take too long. We pulled over in Mississippi and slept in the car for about 2 hours. We woke up around 8:30 AM and drove the rest of the way to the hotel. Here are a couple pictures I took as we were crossing the Mississippi River.

We ended up arriving at the hotel at about 12 noon. Unfortunately, the room was not ready and we couldn't get an early check-in.

So what did we do?
We did what any group of black guys in Lake Charles, LA waiting on a hotel room would do...We went to the driving range! LOL.

Keep in mind that it's like 90 degrees and sunny in that humid, sticky, and HOT Louisiana sun. But I didn't care. None of us did. We didn't have anything to do and I had never went to a driving range before. So we went out there and embarassed ourselves. If you've ever watched Kings of Comedy and listened to Cedric talk about bruhs on the golf course...

"on the golf course just WRONG!"

Yeah, that was US!

I think I'll stop this post here. There's so much more to tell (we haven't even checked into the hotel at this point), but I don't want to drain you in one post. I'll be posting part 2 and possibly part 3 soon. That'll give you rehearsal dinner pics, wedding pics, and reception pics to look forward to. PEACE!


T.C. said...

aw ma aw man to have been in that car...LMAO! I can totally understand...but hey you made it...and who wouldn't of us (and I mean literally us, the folks we know) be WRONG out there...LOL man to have been there to see that...
well look forward to posts 2 & 3...

Anonymous said...

Man when you do the posts for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding make sure you speak on the after parties cause those are the funniest moments.

Anonymous said...

No doubt. I wish we had pictures from the Karaoke joint b/c that was funny!