Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Miscellaneous Randomness

Ben Rothles-biker: I really feel bad for Ben b/c everybody's gonna make it seem like he was a dyck for all those "I can ride without a helmet, it's not the law" comments he made a while back

JJ Reddick that's not a good look for you homie: Still not sure how I really feel about this one. I guess I hope it's not true.

Worth every penny, ESPN Monopoly: I bet you won't beat me at this one B-Mizzy!

Detroit Pistons need "TP" for bunghole: Terry who?

45, famous, and gay...What a life: Carl Lewis BLOWS THE HELL OUT OF ME...No johnnycakes.

Anybody seen City of God?: I haven't seen it, but from what I heard it was good. But this is supposed to be better.

1 comment:

lionel said...

This Carl Lewis birthday invite cannot be real. This is too funny. I insist on believing that someone made this up, but I would love it if you told me you knew for sure that it was legit. I'm cryin' over here.