Tuesday, June 13, 2006

GAME 3: I've been inspired to live blog this thing...With a slight delay of course

With 5:36 left in the 4th quarter of last night's game, *SOME MIAMI FAN* SAID...

"Whatever, it ain't over yet...watch the dark and white chocolate
explosion's about to happen..."

NOTE: Because this quote is on my blog, I have to give the obligatory "no johnnycakes" because that quote is just wayyyyy to misinterpretable.

I wonder who could have made that quote???

9.3 seconds left in the game...Gary Payton just hit the biggest jumper of his life...

Dirk gets fouled going to the hole. Haslem saved a 3-point play. Dirk is shooting 90% from the line during the playoffs. Drops the first one like Tarver should have dropped Saturday (30 points for Dirk). Dirk misses the second one, fouls D. Wade (Shaq on bench with usual dumb look on face).

1.4 seconds left and Wade drains first free throw (Miami up by 2)...I stop seeing green bottles (Heinekens feel like they're slipping away). Wade misses the second shot, Josh Howard grabs the board and quickly calls a time-out.

1 second left in the game (man this is friggin great basketball)...Hubie Brown says the word "patterin" rather than "pattern" during commentary while time-out is taking place. Mike Breen gives him a pass b/c this is akin to saying "pacific" rather than "specific".

Dirk inbounding...Wade knocks away pass attempt. Heinekens officially gone, reality sets in.

Miami lovefest blog to come...

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