Monday, June 19, 2006

POLITICS: Sounds GOOD, but let's not get our hopes up...

Is it pronounced O-Bomba or O-bama?

Anyway, the hottest man in democratic politics right now (at least from what I hear) is this man...

Barack Obama (learn more)

Senators and mere civilians like myself describe this guy as charismatic, a breath of fresh air, refreshing, etc. But what does all that really mean? Does it mean he'll be a successful Senator? Does it mean he'll one day run for President of the U.S.?

The jury's out on all that stuff, but here's some of the thoughts I have on Barack and the prospect of an African-American man running for and possibly winning the presidency of this country.

1. Any guy who's last name is Obama already has one strike against him the post-911, current Iraq war (whether they've stopped calling it that or not) America. Osama, Obama...It's gonna be the same to ignorant ears. Believe that! Especially Republican ears.

2. There have been alot of charismatic "leaders" in this country, but what does charisma really get you? Does it mean you're an effective politician and change inducer? And speaking of charismatic, Don King's pretty d@mn charismatic if you ask me. "Only in America!"

3. A black man being president is a scary thought for multiple reasons. 1) Any black man smart enough to become President should also know that he should NOT become president (at least not in the current day and age). Why? Because you'll do more good alive than you will dead. If you wanna be a martyr for black folks, the key is to stay alive. Yeah I know that's probably an oxymoron or just doesn't make logical sense, but that is what it is. If you wanna influence black folks and have your legacy really held onto for years and years, stay alive! See Martin Luther King and Malcolm X for my reasoning. If Martin was still alive, how different would things be? 2) A black President would require so much security that it would force us all to pay higher taxes. Now it might create solid jobs for underpriveleged youths, but who wants to pay more taxes?

4. Obama's a FIRST TERM Senator! Give him some time to prove himself on that level before we start throwing his name into the presidential race already.

5. "Hawaii-born African American with a Kenyan father, Kansan mother". I bet they'll find some way to render his citizenship invalid.

6. Can you imagine what this country would be like if a black guy actually won the presidency? Maybe I view this differently than most people, but I see potential civil war. That would scare the shyt out of alot of ignorant folks in *certain states*.

Now I admit I am not the most politically informed or learned, but sometimes being an outsider gives you a decent view of what's going on inside. So I say all this stuff with an air of "I know enough to be dangerous" about me...LOL.


Wade County represent said...


ahem. that being said, you are right, he is only first term, but damn. It's also only Dwyane's 3rd year out, nah mean? "It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine", son.

Obama's hot because he's not only charismatic, but he's got brains and a good heart behind it. A deadly combination when you are fighting racism, injustice, and poverty. He knows how to appeal to both sides without sacrificing his commitment to those that need the most help. Now THAT's what's up. You can doubt it, or you can be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

"You can doubt it, or you can be a part of it." Well put.

Anonymous said...

Man, Barack Obama is a very intelligent and charismatic senator with a bright future but today looking toward the 2008 election it's just NOT gonna happen for him. He couldn't beat Hilary in the Democratic Primaries so how do you expect him to beat Rudy Juliany or Jeb Bush...2 names with a large amount of notariaty. Shoot, Hillary probably can't beat them but I still have hope for another Clinton presidency so forgive my idealism.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a tight race between he and Hillary in the primary, but I think Barack could beat her out b/c of his charisma and ability to impress people. Hillary's track record and reputation is probably better, but unfortunately, if Barack continues to have the democratic marketing machine behind him and the media as well, they can create an environment in which he could win.

How can we even consider Jeb Bush as a legitimate presidential candidate? Where are all these republicans coming from with that bullshyt!?!? I still find it hard to believe that there are enough people out there to put Jeb Bush in office. But I felt the same way about our current President. Now Juiliani is a different story. After 9/11 his stock went up astronomically.

Lawrenorder said...

After Bush the Republicans are likely to put McCain's name back in it, and this time he might win their primary. Obama (yes it's pronounced O-ba-ma) is likely to weigh his options. He doesn't want the presidency right now, but he would be ill-advised to get too deep in to the Senate. Few Presidents have come out of the Legislature. The Dems are also looking at Pennsylvania's governor (I think he's a democrat). Guliani couldn't pull the south and the republicans know that.
I could go on for days, but I'd think if Obama was considering it at all he'd exit the Senate sooner rather than later, but you'd have to keep any eye out for serious improvement in IL before he made that move.