Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What a night!

Last night was one of the longest nights I've had in a while. Not because of basketball though.

5:30pm - 8pm: Class.

BORING BORING BORING. I could have been at home reading the book rather than trying to stay awake through that boring lecture.

8:30-9pm: Picking up my tux for the wedding this weekend from After Hours. This wasn't that bad.

Paid my balance, tried it on (best-fitting tux I've rented thus far), and rolled to my house.

9:15pm: Pulled up to my place and there are BGE guys out there and Comcast guys out there (uh-oh!). Something's definitely going wrong in my court, but I don't know what it is. And since they're out there from time-to-time anyway, I figured this was normal procedure and nothing to worry about.

9:18pm: Walked in my house and realized that there was no electricity. Thanks BGE! Not only was there no electricity, there was a funny smell like something was burning or had been burning. I see my clock blinking and I notice that my air conditioner is not on. I'm heated.

9:25pm: My next-door neighbor comes over and explains to me that the entire block lost power about 3pm and I should check my breakers to try and get my power back. (By this time I'd already lighted candles just to get around the house. In the back of my mind I knew I had to be at the airport at 9:45 to pick up a friend.) My neighbor also inquires as to whether or not my microwave was working. Crazy question, but I obliged and checked. It was working. (Now how was that single device working but nothing else?) So he asked if he could heat up some food b/c his microwave was blown due to the power outage. Blown = not working anymore, ever!

I start messing around with the breaker switches and realize that I can get power to my living room and upstairs. So lights are back on. I also spent the last 3 minutes heating up my neighbor's dinner for him.

9:35pm: I run out the house in haste to head to the airport.

9:55pm: At the airport waiting...waiting...waiting...

Got my friend in the car and I am headed back to drop her off at her car.

10:45: Made it back and dropped her off at her car.

11pm: Start testing my electronic devices to see what's still working. TV, nope. Surround sound receiver, nope. Fish tank filter, nope. Cablebox, nope. Computer, yes. Sweet! Life's not over yet! Refridgerator, yes. Cordless phone, nope. So it appears that several devices are dead to the world. I guess I know what that burning smell was now. At this point I'm kind of upset, but not as mad as I always thought I'd be if something like this happened.

11:30pm: I eat while watching the NBA finals game.

Midnight: I start packing for the weekend trip to Louisiana while listening to the NBA Finals game on my TV in my bedroom (this one still works). Finals go off and I immediately blog about it. (Pressed)

12:45am: I start remembering that I have to go pick up BHill from the airport at 1:30am. DAMMMMMMNNNNNNNN!

1am: I leave to go BACK to the airport and pick BHill up.

1:35am: Pick up BHill and head back home

2:15am: Get home and talk with BHill out front about his trip to Arizona and my trip to NYC last weekend.

3am: Sleep with no air conditioner.

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