Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Over/Under on how long it takes me to get fired....

Today my boy Brian at work found my blog...How? He did a google search for this:


Come to find out, he's known about my blog for a minute and just doesn't visit it. Not that I ever post anything work-related on here, but you know there's been some people who've gotten fired over their websites and/or blogs. So hopefully that won't happen to me since I don't plan on slipping up and raging about my job on here. I actually happen to like my job so I doubt that will happen. I mean, it's not like I did THIS or anything.

But I'm going to set the over/under on how long it takes me to get fired at about 1.5 years. Would you take the over or under on that?


T.C. said...

dude what can he really say...he was on the net googling himself...so I don't see him snitchin, but then again...I say ummm 2 years for circumstances they "say" aren't related to this...LOL...YOU KNOW YOU GOOD witha the JOB!

Lawrenorder said...

I'll take the patented Tony Kornheiser 'UNDER BABY' on this one with a Mike Wilbon qualifier; I don't think you'll get fired, you might voluntarily leave.