Monday, June 12, 2006

NBA Finals: Dallas in 5 or 6???

Okay, the finals thus far have been pretty entertaining to watch. Before the game 1, I was predicting Dallas in 6. I'm still pretty confident in that.

After 2 games though, I think I may have to go with Dallas in 5 IF, they win game 3 in Miami. If Miami loses at home off the break, they lose hope. And Dallas gains confidence and tons of momentum too!

I think Miami is trying to get Shaq to be the old Shaq where he could simply dominate and take-over at will. But now that he's old and not as dominant and Avery Johnson has come up with some tough defensive schemes, Miami's hopes will lie in Dwayne Wade, Antoine Walker, and probably Jason Williams. Wade's a great player, but he can't do it by himself. And whether or not Walker or Williams will be consistent enough and/or dominant enough to give Miami that extra boost they appear to need, remains to be seen.

Though I'm going to hear it for an entire year from a couple of my good buddies if Dallas wins, I'm rooting for them and I think they'll take this series.

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Ride or Die Heat said...

I feel SO betrayed!! I can't believe I dedicated so much time and energy towards reading this blog...and to see you post THIS? My life is in shambles.