Sunday, July 2, 2006


This afternoon I watched an ESPN Classic re-broadcast of a Mike Tyson fight from years ago. Mike Tyson vs. Jesse Ferguson. It's been a minute since I've seen an old Tyson fight from the period when he was completely destroying people and this re-broadcast made me realize again just how amazing this guy was as a young fighter.

It's crazy how someone with his talent and ability can seemingly lose their mind and become what appears to be bipolar and psychotic. But anyway, here's some Tyson highlights. As you will soon see, this dude hits HARD!


Badoozie said...

ok, i was snooping around on my sitemeter, and i found your blog. i like your mix of videos, conversations, pic's, etc. i'm wondering why you don't have more commentors? i see you've been blogging well over a year now. maybe you have a lot of readers, they just don't comment? i love to banter with the commentors in that forum, so it's a big deal to me, just my bag i spose. anyhoo, thought since i was poking around on here quite awhile i better introduce myself.

by the way, is that wedding typical for your friends? that is HUGE. and PURPLE. wow it must have cost a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to browse my blog. Glad you found it interesting. It's funny you pose the question as to why I don't have more comments. I used to wonder the same thing. But I realized that a decent amount of people view my blog but most simply read and do not comment. This is cool. It would be cooler if more people commented, but it's completely fine by me the way it is. Maybe one day I'll have more commenters.

As for the wedding, I wouldn't say typical. This is the second wedding of a friend that I have been in and they've both been small weddings that were very well put-together. So if this becomes the "norm", then I think my friends are doing a pretty good job.

Thanks again for visiting. Come back anytime.

T.C. said...

I am seriously waiting on someone to come out with such power Mike gave it to ya...