Thursday, July 6, 2006


THAT, friends, is what you call a 720. You know, 360 times 2!!! CRAZY!!! Now I'm gonna be itching to see this done by a professional in the dunk contest next year. Nate Robinson, good luck!


I was politely reminded that I need to remember this dunk...



lionel said...

I will never forget this dunk. Here's what bothers (read "amazes") me about it. So you're dribbling down court with your boys. You could shoot, but that'd be weak. Even in women's basketball they'd risk some contact on a lay-up first. You could also pass to one of two or three other players or fake before going to the hole yourself. But Vince does none of the above. How do you get it into your head to jump over someone who's seven feet tall! The very idea wouldn't even cross most people's minds.

Anonymous said...

I agree and disagree. 1. You're right, the normal person would not think to jump over this guy. But, Vince is obviously not normal. He's shown us this since he was at UNC catching alley-oops from the foul line.

2. I disagree, I actually tried to do this same move to my man Jon up at Massanutten in the gym one time. Of course, I can't dunk anymore. And even if I could, I still probably couldn't clear Jon's 5'7" a$$. No johnnycakes!

So with all that said, when you're superhuman, you think in superhuman terms. My man Laf said that he thought the 720 dunk was nice, but because it didn't happen in a real game, it isn't as impressive. I think I agree. So that would put the Vince dunk at #1 all-time for me.