Monday, July 24, 2006

NEW MUSIC: Can you tell I LOVE hip-hop?

"I'm just bumpin my music, music, music, bumpin my music!" - Ray Cash

Lupe Fiasco: This kid's got a LOT of talent. Very very good lyricist. I think hip-pop might latch on to him and push him to extreme popularity like Kanye. I think hip-hop is gonna LOVE him like I do. I think rap is gonna hate on him for being too soft, too conscious, too "backpack". But I got a couple tracks so I'll let you be the judge. (Kick, Push is still my favorite Lupe joint I've heard thus far.)

DayDream (feat. Jill Scott)

I Gotcha (Neptunes production)

You My (ladies, you'll love this)

Ghetto Story (ridah music)

Trials and Tribulations (lyrics man, lyrics)

Just Might Be Okay (lyrics man, lyrics)

Freeway: "Watch what you say out ya mouf, when you talkin on the phone to hus-a-luhs!" I like Freeway. Seems like most people really like him or they really hate him (or his voice at least).

World War 3 (feat. Jay-Z). The song is just sick. So sick that the first time I heard it, I didn't like it because I couldn't follow along. But once I got used to the beat and his flow I realized he rips this joint. Check out his currency bars about the franc and the Euro. Ilikesdat!

...And for all my street hip-hop heads...I got some Clipse that's just FIRE!


FREESTYLE. One thing I don't get is that "yiiiiuuuuck" sound Malice makes now. But I guess that's his lil sound thing. Seems like every rapper has a sound or ad-lib their known for. And the dude Ab-Liva pretty much BLAZES every bar of this joint.

"I'm on touch with the keys, move over Alicia!"

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