Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I just had a mini-email conversation (well, just 2 messages) with a friend of mine about how over-rated Young Jeezy is. LOL. Many of you already know that last summer Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy" and "Soul Survivor" were my JOINTS! And that I liked his entire CD from beginning to end.

But WE ALL KNOW this guy is NOT a lyricist. He's just a rapper. People like Jay-Z, Nas, Common, Mos Def...Those guys are lyricists all in their own way. People like Jeezy, Nelly, Snoop, etc. They're pretty much just rappers. And alot of the "new" hip-hop *acts* (see Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L) are simply entertainers and not rappers and definitely not lyricists (just my opinion).

Anyway, Young Jeezy's about to drop a new album (Thug Motivation 102...LOL) and whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, I am jive/jye waiting to hear this joint. Fortunately for me though, Jeezy was nice enough to put his first joint on his website...Check it out! It should start playing as soon as you hit the webpage. It's a music controller at the bottom when you're ready to shut it off. LMAO!

This song, well the chorus, is completely hilarious to me. His lyrics are as you would expect, at or below average (LMAO).

"And that's my lucky charm and I ain't talkin corn flakes/
I know some Philly ni99as and they ain't selling cheesecakes/"

Okay, what do Lucky Charms and Corn Flakes have to do with one-another?

"They was outta Cris, so I ordered Dom/
I was like WHAAT! Call me Lil Jon/"

LMAO! Evidently, he did not get the memo from his boss (Jay-Z) about the Crissy. Or perhaps he was in the 40/40 Club (where they no longer serve Crissy) and had to resort to buying the $250 bottle of Dom rather than the $400 bottle of Cristal.

The ad-libs however, are (as you would expect) totally humorous and entertaining. "She don't like my flow, she just like my ad-libs!" Yes! Me too! You're a funny dude! This dude really entertains/tickles (no johnnycakes) the hell out of me.

(NOTE: You can even download his label's, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, summer sampler. That is, if you want something to skip through)

But one thing about this dude...He has that whole street anthem thing down. So I figure this will be his way to keep the streets listening and then drop a more club/party type joint next. I mean, we all know the typical rap formulas nowadays (I'll probably refine and re-define these later with some examples):

1. Drop a party song...Drop another party song...Drop a party song
2. Drop a party song...Drop a street joint...Drop another party joint
3. Drop a street joint on the LOW (ie - mixtape circuit)...Drop a party joint on the radio if the street joint doesn't generate interest. If the street joint generates some buzz, see if you can get it on radio

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