Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who can finish this verse?

"Who the f&ck is this? Paging me at 5:46 in the morning crack of dawning..."

Sei sure can (LOL)

That's my boy Sei at the Style Warz hip-hop battle at the Five Seasons last Thursday. My man got up on stage to finish off one of the most memorable hip-hop verses of all time (RIP Biggie). Shot out to Sei for having the guts to get on stage. Guess that prize of a FREE DRINK made your decision a litle easier huh mayne?

Shot out to everybody who came through last Thursday. I had a good time with you guys and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as well. It definitely seemed like we were all having a ball. Or maybe it was those 2-for-1 drinks a few of us had before the competition began. LOL.

Speaking of Sei though. Word on the street is that the SWEATBOX studio is back open. So I guess Dane, Prince, Wayne, Jermz, and I should get our rhymes ready! Chyeah!

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