Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Young Hov Project

Tell me these aren't cool! These kids are talented. Ya'll know this is something I'd have my son doing...LOL. If I had one! Somebody should show these to Jay-Z.

From YouTube...

"The Young hov Collection. A series of music vids inspired by the work of Jay-z. Starring 13 year old Samgoma Edwards, created AND DIRECTED By his brother Samtubia and CO DIRECTED AND PRODUCED with friend Chris Alverez."

Starring Samgoma Edwards
Directed and Produced by Chris Alvarez and Samtubia Edwards

Young Hov Project - Trailer

Young Hov Project - Dear Summer


Anonymous said...

Aye, little man really do resemble a young Shawn Carter. Interesting concept but I really don't see them doing anything serious with the kid. I think it's more about the 2 producers trying to get into making professional videos and using his little brother that looks like Jay'z to get noticed. tight videos though...

Anonymous said...

great post! young hov looks like jay-z.

we think alike.

maybe we can get a link exchange.

also, if its cool with you... imma post this on my blog tonight. you'll receive props.


Anonymous said...

Dane, he do look like Jay with all the attire on though, right! Honorable, NICE BLOG! I'm adding you to my bloglines. We can rap (no pun intended) about the link exchange.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, he do get the fish lips

Solange said...

I met this cat called Chris who gave me the Young HOV DVD when I was in NYC a while ago. He stopped by my company's booth during DigitalLife 2006. I see you posted some stuff on YouTube, which is cool, but I wanted to tell you about Stage6. There, you can post full length videos which other users can come check out in all its full screen glory. Also, all DivX videos can be downloaded to playback on a DivX Certified DVD player. Good luck.