Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Lil Kim's HOME!!!

(UPDATE: Here's a very interesting article that is along the lines of the content of this post)

Woohoo! Is it just me or is this getting more press than when Nelson Mandela was released from prison?

Lil Kim gets released from jail for doing like 5 months for being a down-@$$-chick ans not snitching (Skinny Suge would be proud)! Who cares? I'm glad she's not incarcerated, but there are alot of other things hip-hop could be happy about. But you can look forward to, or look reluctantly upon (depending on your perspective) more of this shyt...

1. Hooray for Lil Kim being released!!! Now she can go back to being the Oprah of the ghetto (HUH???)

Isn't it funny how the girl behind her can't even see her ta-ta's and has this appauled look on her face? LOL. Also, either she needs her stomach ironed or somebody had a C-section and no kids

2. The 1-handed one-tiddy salute to all her fans

3. I guess Kim's mom served camel for dinner at the welcome home party???

So while it's great that another black person isn't in jail, let's be realistic about just how happy and overjoyed we need to be about Ms. Jones returning home. Because if she's not reformed (as in saw a psychiatrist to deal with the issues WE ALL KNOW SHE HAS) and still prancing around like a HOT @$$ MESS like she used to, I don't understand why *some* folks are so pumped to have her back. It's not like her catalog of LP's contains that much good music...

"Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide
That's one every let's say two, two of them shits was due"

Since Biggie died, Lil Kim just hasn't been the same and yours truly, has not been a fan of her at all. Yeah, she became a little bit endearing through that reality series BET did on her before she got locked up, but her track record of reckless and semi bipolar behavior speaks for itself.

Last but not least. To all the beautiful, intelligent, and self-respecting black women out there who are pumped about Lil Kim coming home or who live their promiscuous life vicariously through Lil Kim's lyrics...Please re-visit this post when any of the following happens. Not that any of these things are acceptable but I'm trying to make a point herre.

1. You get your butt or breasts grabbed in the club.

NOTE: I was informed earlier this year that some grown men still do this. I thought this type of stuff ended when a guy lost his virginity (kinda like trying to look up a girl's skirt) but I guess not.

2. You are objectified by another man or woman

3. You get labeled promiscuous, loose, dumb, easy, ignorant, a "jump-off", etc. by someone.

4. You wonder how dumb you looked or what silly stuff you did when you *somehow* got drunk off your @$$ with your girlfriends the night before and can't remember 67.3% of what happened that night

5. You hear a song with the unforgettable lyrics "I used to be scared of the dyck, now I throw lips to the shyt/Handle it like a real b&tch"

I could go on, but I am sure you get the point. I'm not HATIN', just STATIN'!


lionel said...

There was some real emotion behind this post, Bony. I'm startin' to think you and Lil Kim might have had a little thing going on. Why you holdin' out?

Anonymous said...

I'm not hatin' just statin'. Just getting tired of all the Lil Kim welcome home images I get in my email account. I mean dayum! If she were HOT, I might not mind.

T.C. said...

LOL...added me to the count huh...LOL..I agree with what you said about the albums...only two of them was due...AND I feel you because there are certain things behind her release that can lead other young ladies to think if you are a down @ss chick then you get locked up, come home and everyone is riding for you, giving you gifts etc...when the truth is, you go to jail and serve your FULL term and when you come home, nobody even cares....

BUT most people are sending this stuff just because its hip hop gossip, nothing more, nothing less...most folks aren't all that hyped...but let me speak for myself..."its just hip hop gossip" nothing more nothing less...

Plus, its good to see her in some pictures WITH some clothes on! LOL

Anonymous said...

I feel you Tiff. I understand it's gossip and it has a purpose...It's pretty much free marketing and publicity for her.

To me, Lil Kim is just one small example of the people and/or things "we" are given to look up to or be entertained and impressed by that subconscioulsy keep us ignorant and dumb. Myself included.

It's not all on hip-hop or all on a single actor or athlete, but they contribute to it. To me it's more about how you were raised. Your parents are the first people who can really influence your life. And if they raise you right and instill good values, ethics, and morals in you, there's a better chance that you won't fall into believing in the things you see and hear or believing things that "they" want us to believe.

Unfortunately, alot of people nowadays are left with one parent or perhaps no parents. And it doesn't take just two people to raise a child (father and mother), but a village. And nowadays alot of fathers aren't there or mothers aren't there or both aren't. And the members of the village are so concerned with their own lives they can't "find time" to be apart of other people's lives.

I'll end my rant here.

blu cheez said...

LIL' KIM for Mayor of the players. She will lead us to place where ballin' reigns supreme

-no johnnycakes

Deja~I~Am said...

The women behind her looking "appalled" is her manager, so i doubt that's what she was really thinking... Just saying.

P.S. I'm new in Bloggville and I love reading your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that clarification Deja! So I guess she may not be appauled per se. Shocked maybe? That looks saying something. LOL.

Welcome to Bloggville! LOL.