Thursday, July 20, 2006

YOU my friend, are what's wrong with HIP-HOP artists nowadays


In response to some of his crew members horrendous album sales numbers, Hell Rell of DIPSET fame infamy says:

"It won't happen, but say J.R. and I do flop. I'm still going to be pushing nicer cars than most rappers and getting money. We already have paper, so that's not the concern here. As long as we make powerful music, the people will embrace us. Our money isn't going anywhere."

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I'm still laughing at the fact that he thinks they're music is powerful. I guess this is powerful without a positive connotation. More importantly though, this dude (who I used to like by the way) is a shining example of the tainted mentality of many cats who grow up in the hood, get money, but still refuse to educate themselves and stop being NI99ORANT!

Maybe he should listen to Big Treat so they can figure out why their album sales are SUCKING:

"You hating dudes ain't got a clue. Don't be mad at me/
Your rap's catastrophe from a lack of strategy/"

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