Thursday, July 6, 2006

3 folks try to sell Coca-Cola trade secrets

Question. Did they really think they were going to get away with this?

Coke's been holding their secret formula well, SECRET, for years now! And you think you were going to pull this one off? PLEASE!

This attempt was so dumb that the PEPSI folks snitched! LMAO! They must have been smart enough to know that they would go to jail too for becoming part of this "plan".

"They say that "Dirk" provided an FBI undercover agent 14 pages of Coca-Cola documents marked classified and confidential...Prosecutors say "Dirk" requested $10,000 for the documents."

I've got one of Coca-Cola's secrets and all I want is $10K? Very crackhead-ish move! Somebody MUST have a drug habit. Be for real!

"Later 'Dirk' produced other documents that Coca-Cola confirmed were valid trade secrets of Coca-Cola and highly confidential. He also agreed to be paid $75,000 for the purchase of a highly confidential product sample from a new Coca Cola project, prosecutors said."

Okay, now this is more like it. But why not just go for the gusto in a one-shot-deal? Why ask for (say) $1,000,000 up-front for everything? Why increase the risk of getting caught by trying to make 2 separate deals? That's pretty silly.

Here's my assessment of this crackhead attempt to get some money for some rocks.

The Problem:
You're working with an EXECUTIVE'S administrative assistant! You don't think they're keeping tabs on an EXECUTIVE'S administrative assistant? This isn't the mail room supervisor's assistant, it's the executive!

The Stupidity:
Greed man, greed! It gets you every time. You had to go for the $1.5 million-dollar offer, didn't you! In the words of Red Foxx..."You BIG DUMMY!"

The Result:
"Looooooooockkkkk'd UP, won't let me OOOUUUUUUTTTT!" Bet you guys won't be having a Coke or a smile anytime soon. LOL.

This situation reminds me of a very dumb move I experienced back in high school. Two girls were fighting on the bus about a mile or two from where we were to be let off. The bus driver's so used to people fighting on our bus that she lets the girls fight and continues to the bus stop to let us off (str8 PG County, right?). We get to the bus stop and people start getting off. Some trying to break up the fight and get the girls off in the process. So the girls end up fighting right in front of the door to the bus, but off the bus. There's a break in the "action" and one girl runs back up to the bus to grab the fire extinguisher. The other girl, not to be intimidated screams "Come on then B&TCH!, I ain't scared of that SHYT!"

What happened next is something that I will never ever forget and one of the all time funniest things I've seen in my life.

The girl with the fire extinguisher, in a fit of rage, sprays the fire extinguisher. But what she didn't realize is that is was pointed AT HER OWN FACE. So white smoke proceeds to blow all over her face. Me and my homeboys (in our admitted teenage immaturity) BUST OUT LAUGHING! She actually sprayed herself with the fire extinguisher. CLASSIC!

These people trying to steal the Coke secrets and sell them...Almost as dumb as spraying yourself in the face with a fire extinguisher.

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T.C. said...

How DUMB can you be...and aw man aw man homie...that's PG fo real...LMAO!!!!!!
Bring back them good ole days....Syke!