Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Videos: I think these joints are HOT

I ain't no Chingy fan but d@mn! This joint ROCKS! And the ladies latest dark-skindeded heartthrob kills this joint. Actually, without Tyrese, I probably wouldn't even like this joint. And Chingy can't really rap so it would probably have been a little better if someone like LL was on the joint. Even with all those reservations, this is STILL one of my favorite songs at the moment.

I am NOT a 3-6 Mafia fan other than liking some of their stuff that's been on the radio. But a true fan I am not. This joint however, might make me a fan. The video is dope, the beat is dope. I just like it! Bow Wow sices the joint a little. Ever since he dropped that verse on the Franchise Boyz remix I've been paying more attention to his raps (even though he probably doesn't actually write them) and he's sounding ayight.

Question: Doesn't Project Pat rap just like the rest of 3-6 Mafia? Is he a member? He can replace Krispidy Krunchidy Black, right?

The way the video is edited is dope to me.


Anonymous said...

Man I am feeling you on both of these videos. I told someone the other day that Chingy was lucky that Tyrese was such a good singer. LOL. And I feel the same way about Bow Wow but I started noticing after the second single on the album last year. It was more of an enlightening moment (wow, this nigga is actually making a decent transition to an older crowd). Then when I heard the Franchise Boys song I had to start giving him his props. I read in some article that he said he started writing on that album he dropped when he was 16 when Birdman was on that single...can't remember the name of the song. But with him having a great year last year people are obviously (by this completely unexpected feature) taking notice.

Anonymous said...

OKay now that I think about it Bow Wow saying that he is writing his own shit doesn't make it true so I retract that part of my statement. And I thought that other dude was a part of 3-6 but he got locked up and just got out.


miKeSee said...

If Bow Wow is writing this stuff, he's getting alot better. But something tells me it might be some J.D. going on with these verses. Not that he's dope as a writer, but he probably does it all...Produce, write, act like a bama in videos...You know, does it ALL!