Thursday, July 27, 2006

Teh Gay or NOT Teh Gay

Who is the REAL Ms. J???

After reading a comment that a visitor left on my blogpost about Eddie Murphy and Sugar Ray looking sweeter than sugar together, I have been inspired to write a post about what I consider to be the fad of creative sexuality nowadays.

Before I begin, I will admit that I have been dealing with a chronic battle with homophobia for some time now (see here). But it's getting much much better. So I think I am ready to give my humble opinion on this issue.

First and foremost, I am NOT knocking anyone and their sexuality. Secondly, I understand that there are serious double-standards when it comes to gay men and gay women. So I say all this stuff tongue-in-cheek (I think I need a NO JOHNNYCAKES on that one).

Creative sexuality is the fad of today. Whether it's a girl being gay or bisexual, or a man being gay, that's the fad. With guys it is less of a fad, but there are a lot of guys out here experimenting behind closed doors. This disgusts me greatly, but I can definitely say that I have been in the club and seen both covertly and overtly gay guys. It really makes me scared for you ladies out here because these guys don't show any signs that they may be homosexual. To me, this makes the whole dating scene pretty d@mn scary. When you have men who may be sleeping with men but at the same time sleeping with women, you run the risk of getting all types of STDs. I won't go into the biology of the situation but let's just say that sticking it in a man's poo and then sticking it in a girl's goo is not scientifically safe AT ALL. Excuse my elementary-ness.

I believe that most people who are homosexual start off their lives straight and even if they "weren't sure" or felt like they were gay, they have at the very least dated someone of the opposite sex once or twice just to be sure. Whether or not you want to believe people are born gay or not is another discussion for another time. Personally, I think a small number of people may be born that way, but for most people it appears to be just a choice induced by societal influences and low self-esteem.

For example, when I was in high school my freshman year there were 3 or 4 guys who were seniors and were overtly gay. I think they loved the attention of being the "gay guys" at school. And that's what they were known as. But in my eye, it was just a matter of them having low self-esteem, wanting attention, and that was the easiest way to get it. Another example is in the high schools of today. Nowadays it is FAR from uncommon to see groups of *gay* or *bi* girls walking the halls holding hands as well as *gay* or *bi* guys frollicking around on their tippy-toes. But I believe that television networks like MTV and BET have helped contribute to this phenomenon by throwing it in your face in videos, shows, and other forms of "entertainment". These high schoolers watch these shows and don't get anything other than the sexuality of what they see. They don't get the education or message behind it (if one actually exists).

My stance on this entire situation is that if you feel like you want to be gay, then be gay. But don't feel like you're gay because you watched an MTV/BET show and saw Britney kiss Madonna or two girls kiss at the end of the Source Awards well, that's just wack. Also, don't let your low self-esteem make you feel like you have no choice but to "cross-over" and date people of your own sex. If parents nowadays raised their children to be strong, intelligent, and have some pride and dignity, I think that this phenomenon of creative sexuality would be less prominent.

For the record, I have no REAL issues with gay men or women other than seeing two men kiss just bothers me. And seeing two men grind on the dance floor bothers me. And seeing two men holding hands just bothers me.


But if that's how you roll, it's your choice and it's a free country so do you.

I don't agree with it, but I understand it's just how some people live their lifestyle. But those of you out there who are homosexual for the *wrong reasons* need to check yourself.


christian said...

who gives a fuck if you don't agree with it? i know you're entitled to an opinion but if you're gonna voice it at least make it a good one. JESUS.

two men holding hands bothers you? two men grinding bothers you? fucking get over it.

you also have no idea and are completely misinformed about most of what you're saying. gay people make the dating scene scary? fucking a man's ass then fucking a woman makes *us* the bad guys? umm, hello? everyone should take responsiblity for their own sexual health. men experimenting behind closed doors bothers you greatly?

you need to get out more. people like you are the reason why blogs are a bad idea. they give a voice to misinformed nobodies who should stick to writing about things they actually have some grasp of.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comment.

I would like to reply to a couple things you said.

"gay people make the dating scene scary?" Poor choice of words on my part. I should have said guys who sleep with both men and women (bi-sexual) make the dating scene scary.

And yes, if you're a guy who's having sex with a woman under the pretense that she's the only person you're having sex with. Yet, you're also have sex with a man simultaneously, you are a bad guy.
That's no different from a man being a womanizer.

"everyone should take responsibility for their own sexual health." Definitely.