Wednesday, July 12, 2006

NBA Groupies: Gimme-gimme-gimme that Groupie Love

If this article hits home, you may want to re-evaluate your morals and your level of self-respect. The sad part about this article is that it's so so true. What's even worse is that there are actually lots of women who go to these NBA events just to enjoy themself or have a good time with their girlfriends. But your attire and your attitude can get you grouped in with the rest of the "working girls".

"It will be here, in the lovely Doubletree Hotel, that the working girls will set up camp for the next three days. By working girls, we don’t mean hookers, though these will infiltrate the Doubletree as well. (It gets a little tricky, because the working girls and the “working girls” tend to dress alike."

1. Working girl - Prostitute
2. Working girl - NBA Groupie
3. Working girl - Regular girl with a job

"They save all year for this. They put in for their vacation time early. They spring for hair extensions and new boots."

This sound familiar to any of people out there? I know it does for me. But most women I know that do this are not NBA groupies, they call into the #3 category. But again, your attire, attitude, and level of self-respect can get you demoted to definition #2 (yes, demoted).

The break-down of types of groupies is actually kind of interesting and hilarious:

"1. The Gutter Groupies. These are the women who will wait outside the arena gates after a game and do anything, sometimes right there in the parking lot. If a player is feeling particularly chivalrous, he might let one service him in his Bentley. Gutter Groupies don’t spring for airfare and hotel rooms for NBA All-Star weekend. They won’t go that far to give a free blow job.

2. The Working Girls. The most prevalent category. Working Girls will bang a player if the opportunity arises, yes, but they won’t do just anything, and they don’t wait in parking lots. “They’re the ones reading In Style magazine but doing the Look for Less,” Brenda says. They’re mostly blue-collar, often from the hood, and more likely to be swept up by the “culture of the NBA” —which is to say, hip-hop—than by the actual game or the players. “They’re notch-in-the-belt party girls,” says Brenda, “who’d be happy with a fling with a bodyguard.” She pauses. “Basically, this is their hobby. Working Girls have a helluva lot more fun.”

3. The Fly Girls. These are the women who are just classy enough to merit a second encounter with a player. They might even get a piece of jewelry or a ride on the team’s private plane. To be a Fly Girl, you need to be toting real Louis Vuitton. “You also have to be really gorgeous,” says Brenda. A great many Fly Girls are often in denial, she says. “They refuse to see themselves as groupies. They need All-Star rehab or something.”

4. The Upper Crust. The stratospheric category of babe (see: Eva Longoria, Vanessa Williams, et al.) who might end up engaged or married (however briefly) to a player. The Upper Crust also includes women whose daddies or daddies’ lawyers can get them backstage with the players. They tend to be bony-assed white girls who may not marry the players—but won’t be left out on the curb, either."

Take a second and read this article. I am almost embarassed (and definitely reluctant) to call it entertaining yet at the same time I find it quite sad.

And in case you're wondering, I've got A.I.'s picture up there because when I hear the phrase, "NBA groupie", he immediately comes to mind. Sorry I-man.

To all the ladies out there...Please, please, please don't let this be YOU!


T.C. said...

Yes it was a very interesting article...some very real stuff in it as well...its always a catch 22 though...let's just say that when you DO dress like you have some class...hardly ANY brothers give you a second look...but if you dress like a "groupie" you get all the #s you can think of...NOW TRUE its for the wrong reasons...but that's how it goes...

Me, give me a nice classy outfit, chillin with the girls and I am good...
Its good for a brother to put something like this out there though because we need to know how you all see us...we won't know if its not put out there and talked about...

working hard to be fly said...

I think I'm about one more NBA Finals away from All Star Rehab.

Thank god I'm too lazy to actually put in energy into chasing men, otherwise you KNOW that lady would've been interviewing me. That and I actually respect things like marriage...but all those unmarried playas would've had to watch out! lol!


Anonymous said...

I still say you should have given Michael Doleac a call. It's never too late.

miKeSee said...

Tiff, I feel you on just being able to have open communication and talk about stuff. That's needed!

"Thank god I'm too lazy to actually put in energy into chasing men." Very smart.

" I still say you should have given Michael Doleac a call. It's never too late." LMAO! I like to call him "EARS"!