Thursday, July 6, 2006

MUSIC: Boondock Saints

LISTEN TO THIS...Little Brother - Boondock Saints Featuring L.E.G.A.C.Y. & Chaundon

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Now Imma let you know that THIS IS the HOTTEST rap joint you've heard in a minute. Don't believe me...LISTEN TO IT AGAIN...Nah, really, LIIIISSSSSSSTTTTTEEEEEENNNN (shot out to DJ Khaled)

<a href="">Click here to listen</a>

Lyrics man...Lyrics! Let me type this thing out for you guys (the second verse by Phonte)...

Right, back to business off a 6-week tour/
And I ain't never seen drama like this before/
Gotta lotta shyt to get off my chest, some wild shyt to address/
So I told Crisis press record/
Imma put it on wax and give you the raw facts/
And truth about life and things I'm dealin' wit/
Black folks saying that I'm too intelligent/
And white folks saying Imma little too niggerish/
It got me in a strange predicament/
I wish BET and MTV would judge more wisely/
But I don't know what's worse the fact that they ain't playing our shyt/
Or the fact that it don't even surprise me/
Because I ain't shucking, because I ain't jivin'/
Some of these crackers won't stand beside me/
And cuz I ain't killin' and don't support pimpin'/
Some of these ni99as wanna call me a Cosby/
Well, I'll be that dude, I'll scratch that itch/
I'll play that role, call me Heathcliff bitch!/

And if this ain't what you want then fine/
But somehow someway we gotta draw that line/
And it goes without mentioning/
I thought about censoring this verse so my label and managers stay cool/
But as of this recording, we ain't even out-sold The Listening/
So really what the phuck I got to lose?/
B&tch is phon-tiggah, low the show rippah/
Hold cuz my hos would change week-to-week/
But now my flows be changing from beat-to-beat/
Tell my ni99a Jim Bones we gotta beat the street/
Cuz I know that they need us/
It's gotta be more to this generation than drinkin and smoking all the weed up/

This my confession with the embassy, you f&cking embeciles can put your rosary beads up (NOW!)/

And don't even let me get into the next cat, Chaundon.

Ex 1 - "Bet I drop more names than a GAME verse!" LOL

Ex 2 - "I'm terrorizing cyphers, you can't blame Osama for that shyt"

Ex 3 - "You don't wanna battle me right? I guarantee you'll see more Els than the Lower East Side"

Matter of fact, this whole album is so dope, I gotta share it with everybody. Time for THE LEAK SPILL!


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