Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beans vs. Jay???? Say it Ain't So!!!!


Word around the interWeb is that Beanie Sigel dissed Jay-Z at a concert a few days ago. Allegedly Beans has been dropped from Rocafella. I am NOT SURE IF THIS IS TRUE as it is all interWeb speculation. But I am 100% sure if it is true, that there will be either video or audio of the alleged diss floating around the net soon.

My questions are:

1. Was Beanie really still under the Roc? I know his last album dropped under DDMG (Dame Diddy Dash Music Group). So when exactly did he move from the Roc to DDMG? And when did he move back from DDMG to the Roc?

2. Why would Jay drop Beans? He is probably the most street credible rapper under Rocafella or on Def Jam for that matter. I mean Jeezy got the streets but Beans IS THE STREETS! This fool JUST got shot like a month ago.

3. If Jay was gonna drop Beans from the label, wouldn't he know that he's got to be prepared to get dissed or maybe even physically harmed? I don't put ANYTHING past the Broad Street Bully.

4. Does Beans really want to diss Jay-Z? The outcome of this could be pretty bad for him. He could alienate alot of fans because Jay-Z has legions of loyal fans. Would people have to choose between liking Jay or liking Beans? Also, Beans versus Jay would be a CLASSIC battle. "Compared to Beans you wack!" Remember that from Nas's Ether? If they battled on wax, it'd probably equal a win for Jay in the mainstream eyes, but a win for Beans in the streets. But I doubt Jay would EVER battle Beans at this point. He's got alot more to loose. Though this would be far more of a challenge than CamRon, I doubt he'll respond if it's true. But he'd have to come harder (no johnnycakes) than "I'm in the air I don't hear ni99as corny raps"...That's for sure!


Daneger said...

I don't believe this joint but if it's true I want to know where Jay can score a victory. Seems like a lose/lose to least for Jay. For Beans it will make people look at him in the mainstream that normally wouldn't because they will all be interested in this dude that's actually worth Jay's time and you know he will kill the tracks so the streets will love it. Jay is smart so he won't respond even if it is true but I still don't buy it until I hear the diss. It's funny though, I was thinking about what would happen in this situation just last night. I was also thinking about Beans and Nas finally being on a track together since Nas is on Def Jam....guess that's a wrap now. This was the better of the two anyway...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Waddup Dane. I feel you on what you said. But like I said, I think Jay would win the "popular vote", meaning mainstream hip-hop heads like the MTV listeners and those who aren't really into the street-hop ("this ain't rapping, this is street-hop"). That's the only thing he would win, which really at this point in his career isn't needed for him and which doesn't really matter.

He's smart enough to know that the streets opinion matters b/c if he loses the street credibility that he has (which is NOT as much as Beans or most other street rappers anyway), then he will probably be forced to stay mainstream with his music when and if he comes back out. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's where my head is at right now.

Daneger said...

Popular vote? I don't know if I agree. Did he win the popular vote with Nas...Nas hadn't sold millions on anything before the beef with Jay and Nas still won the "popular vote". I think for Jay he would have to flat out WIN. He takes another loss from someone in a battle and he will stay retired whether he wants to or not. And Beans is the ONLY person I could actually see giving him a loss in a battle. So, as I said before, Jay is smarter than that. He will squash it somehow.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah he won that with Nas? Did Nas move any units after that? How many did Jay move? The popular vote means the mainstrem hip-hop community. As in the MTV viewing CD buyers (I am trying not to say white or chinese folks). Nas won the STREET vote! Not the popular vote.

There is no such thing as a flat out win b/w Jay and Nas b/c they BOTH have HUGE followings so it's gonna be a split down the middle off the break just off allegiance to the artist.

"He takes another loss from someone in a battle and he will stay retired whether he wants to or not." What? You are lunching! This dude is arguably the greatest rapper ever! You are lunchin! And Beans is the only person? You are lunching again (Eminem, Luda maybe? Nas maybe?)

Daneger said...

Okay you say Jay won the popular vote based on what? I say Nas won the popular vote because he went from being a nigga that sold Gold Albums to having the album with Ether and the next one (I think it's God Son) both go platinum or better. If that ain't winning then what is. Before the batter Jay consistently went 2-3 times Plat after the battle did that really change? I still feel like Nas won both sides of that especially since I can't believe that I/ME/DANE HAWKINS is arguing the side of NAS! Now as far as Beans being the only one that wasn't a basis of just skill. Luda has the skill but he is on Def Jam...ain't happening. Eminem definitely has the ability but he retired (yes he said he is done...check it out) because of all the drama w/ Ja Rule. You know he don't want it with Jay after that besides the fact that 50 and Dre wouldn't let it go there. I purposely didn't count Nas because that's redundant and it wouldn't happen again anyway. According to most he already killed Jay so I didn't have to count him. Anyone you name (including Eminem) has the possibility to win a battle or lose a battle....the reason I put that emphasis on Beans is because that's his man and he knows him WELL. So he has a lot more he could possibly throw out there...shit that Shady & Luda won't have in the arsenal.
I'm mad I got you listing the people that can punish JAY-Z...are you sick nigga!?! LOL.