Thursday, August 24, 2006

Random Musicness...

Beyonce Album Preview:

Thank God for Honorable Media (where the MUSIC B' At)

Young Dro - My Girl Got a Girlfriend:

Had to post this one because that line kills me every time I hear it. This one's from XXL! I'm beginnging to wonder if TIP can impose himself on enough of Dro's material for Dro to actually go more than Gold. Personally, I think that not dropping the album at the height of the hype surrounding the Shoulda Lean joint was a HUGE mistake. Especially if "Rubberband Banks" is really the new single he's dropping.

The Roots - Don't Feel Right:

Actually, the song feels RIGHT fa sho! I like the first song featured in this video more than the latter half, but they're both good. NahRight gots the music too people!

Cassidy - It Is What It Is:

Just in case you guys didn't know, Cass is home. His last album was a banger/sleeper. This joint's ayight, I definitely like the beat and Cass raps are good as usual. This dude is fire when he wanna be please believe it. Or better yet, ASK FREEWAY! OR cop his last album.


j.a.c. said...

I'm overwhelmed with new music. Geez!! There aren't enough hours in a day to listen and get to know all the new mess that's coming out. =/ How do you keep up?

Daneger said...

I agree with you totally JAC. Of course I'm not overwhelmed because I just choose not to listen to half the crap I used to listen to a few years ago. Figured it was time that I stopped wasting my time with some of that trash.

miKeSee said...

Well, I listen to alot b/c I have a history of shytting on music without listening or just breezing through it.

Nowadays I just put my headphones on when I get to work and surf the net. So I end up listening to music all day. I love it!

T.C. said...

I too must say that I listen to music all day at work...that's how I get through it because I need to get through my day....I have actually found myself buying more music...who knew?

Daneger said...

I listen to music all day at work too. And that is when I will check out a lot of new stuff. I just don't buy it anymore. I used to buy 2 CDs a week regardless of if something new was out or not. It was a Tuesday ritual to go to Best Buy or Circuit City even if it was just for something old. I did that for about 6 years and have over 300 CDs now(started from like 5 CDs). Don't need to waste any more money on stuff I KNOW I won't play.