Wednesday, August 9, 2006

You sir, have some issues!

UPDATE: Read Michael Wilbon's (Wash. Post) article about Mo Clarett

And this writer who spoke to Clarett the night all this crap went down

Maurice Clarett. How do you go from being a high-school football star in Ohio hanging out with LeBron to a college football star in your freshman year at Ohio State to trying to enter the draft earlier than what is allowed, getting arrested a bunch of times, allegedly robbing people outside a bar, to this....

Clarett has car full of guns, bulletproof vest, HATCHET, and bottle of Grey Goose

This dude was on the cover of Sports Illustrated after his first year at Ohio State. People predicted he'd win the Heisman, break all types of NCAA rushing records and then things just went downhill.

WTF? I mean they tasered this BAMA! And on top of that, it says that he took a swig of Grey Goose (hip-hop marketing at its best) in front of his arresting officers.

The first couple of times he got into trouble, you're like "Okay, this dude is WILD! He is just being young and dumb." But now it's getting bery Mike Tyson-esque. There HAS GOT TO BE something really wrong with this dude. I feel bad for him now. He needs help. BUT, I can't wait for Around the Horn and PTI tonight so I can laugh my a$$ off.

But for real, Maurice Clarett has got to be one of the saddest sports figures in recent memory. I mean, why did he have a car FULL OF WEAPONRY and a bulletproof vest? This dude must have really been in the streets doing some foul shyt? The only person I've seen in real life (not TV) wear a bulletproof vest daily is no longer with us because he got killed (RIP Rat). He wasn't wearing it for fashion, it was because cats was TRYING TO KILL HIM. So Clarett's car full of weapons (I can't get over the hatchet though...LOL) and Kevlar vest really lead me to believe that not only was this guy in mental and legal trouble, but in trouble in the streets. So maybe he's better off locked up than being free. Sometimes jail is better than death. That is, if you want to live.

What pi$$es me off:

What I truly will dislike about all this is that there will be youth throughout this country who hear this guy's story and will take away from it the fact that he has a car full of weapons, a bulletproof vest, and Grey Goose in his system. Without any parental explanation or just someone mature who can explain the reality of the situation (like the jail time this fool is about to see), some of these youth may think that all that dumb shyt is cool.


T.C. said...

Yeah he may BE better off locked up, cause the way he was holding that FIRE you would have thought he was preparing for WWIII, IV, and V out that joint...

Dag on

Anonymous said...

WERD! This nikka had the weapons of MASS destruction didn't he?