Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Joint from 50 Half-Dollar

(UPDATE: I'm a HYPOCRITE! I gotta fess up to this shyt! I heard the Omarion version of this joint. I liked it. I listened to the 50 joint again and I laughed my a$$ off! Damn Mike, you fuggin hypocritical piece of shyt!)

"Now I shouldn't have to tell you I'm a superstar"

If this ain't some watered down shyt, I dunno what is...

50 Cent - Ghetto Superstar

If you actually listen to this self-love session being passed off as a song, you will see that this dude has lost his effing mind!!! He must have had a bottle of KY and this outfit on when he made this joint. LMAO! I suspect Pharrell had something to do with this beat.

And ya'll wanna talk about Jay-Z being cocky, MAN! I know this joint will probably end up getting heavy rotation in the club. Not even 4 Ciroc and Pineapples could get me wasted enough to enjoy this song. Change the content, put another artist on the beat, I might actually like it. But this dude just blew me with this track.

He even has the audacity to say "The streets is gon' love it!" LMAO!

Beanie Sigel - Wouldn't I

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!


R.M. said...

You know what Mike, I REFUSE to listen to 50's wack ass so I didn't listen to the track. I am so sure the radio will force it down my throat so I will wait until then to be bombarded with a fake thug, sing on every hook but talk about Ja, disturbingly & unreasonably cocky, lyrically disastrous snitch sing about some BS that we call music.

Now I love me some Beanie. He is so real to hood. This track is the truth. Damn, I am gonna have to listen to that again.

T.C. said...

DITTO...I refuse to listen to 50...the ONLY song that man has EVER produced that I like is Hustler Anthem joint...

Beans...THE TRUTH all day hood...gotta love it...that's Tip right there music

Anonymous said...

I actually was a fan of 50 and I still could like some decent music of his if he put any out. Hustler's Ambition was the last joint he did that I liked. I LOVED Wanksta and In Da Club. And Many Men is a CLASSIC to me. Hell, I think Get Rich or Die Trying is a classic album (not the soundtrack to the movie, but the album).

But he's gotten so huge that he's taken it too far with the arrogance and thinking he can put out whatever and people will buy it. I won't buy it.

Beans is THE TRUTH like Tiff said. One of the realest dudes to ever spit. He's like the younger version of Scarface to me. I have been praying for a Beans, Jay, and Face album for a minute. You could even throw Freeway on there if you wanted. That would be CLASSIC!

Daneger said...

Bone I really don't even have to comment on this joint for you to know what I think. My opinion has been giving time and time again about both of these dudes. All I will say is I can't wait for a Beans album that isn't under Dame.

Anonymous said...

Dane, I know you hate it already. Me and you are gonna be on the same page with this one I'm sure. As for Beans, there's a rumor going around that he dissed Jay onstage a few nights ago b/c he allegedly got dropped from the ROC. I dunno if it's true or not but I am sure there will be soundbytes floating around the net VERY soon if it's true. Interesting.

Remember this from Ether "Compared to Beans you wack!"

Daneger said...

You know when I heard that line on Ether the first time I had to crack a devlish smile...just for a second though. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You was siced nikka...Stop faking!