Sunday, August 6, 2006

WHY WHY WHY do I like these songs???

...Really enjoy hearing them though!! LMAO!

I'm embarrased to admit it, but I like these joints. D@mn! The "machine" might have your boy programmed...D@mmit!!

Jagged Edge - Stunnas...I don't wear sunglasses often (unless my nerd a$$ transition lenses count) and I can't stand when bamas wear their shades in the club. But I like this joint. I think the dance the girls do at the end siced me. Not to mention it's a very friendly beat (so to speak). Matter of fact, the only actual lyrics I pay attention to is the chorus. Woo, your boy Diddy's in this joint. I know YOU LOVE IT! LMAO!

Daz - Real Shyt: Another fruity/friendly beat, but d@mn if I'm not feeling this joint. RAWWWWS (read "Ross!")!!

I guess these are those songs that I would enjoy hearing in the club. So when I hear them at home it makes me think of partying and it gets me pumped. I don't actually hear anything when I listen to these other than the choruses and Rick Ross verse on the Daz joint. I'm just glad that I am not one of those people who will take songs like this and take them to mean that an album is gonna be worth coppin'! No boy!

On another note, I got Young Dro's Gangsta Grill on the way and man oh man am I anxious to hear this joint..."Don't nobody live wit my ma but a bunch of junkies!"

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