Monday, August 21, 2006

Fergie has been officially Gwen Stefaneeeeed

(UPDATE: Somebody had to pee-pee...I know my crouch don't sweat THIS MUCH)

Fergie Ferg pulled an R. Kelly on HERSELF...LMMFAO!

Where's Pharrell? I was watching this video and expecting him to pop-up somewhere. The song is DOPE though. I mean, at least the beat.

Fergie - London Bridge

The video...Well, as a guy, I think it's okay. Not the best, but one question...Why is songs about getting/giving head, going down, etc. so popular right now? And more importantly, why are these songs being put out there to kids? 106 & South Park, TRL/Direct Effect...

1. Getting Some - Shawnna
2. That Cassie Song
3. Fergie Ferg - London Bridge (second verse she definitely JACKED Shawnna's style by the way)

One last thing, I think we should create a new genre of music for songs like this...Let's call it hip-POP. We can throw Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Ciara, Christina Milian, etc. in there. Basically everybody who can find acceptance with the pop crowd (for whatever reason), but likes to use a hip-hop influence to garner some popularity within the hip-hop world as well. As usual, I could go on for days...

Fergie looking like a cross between Carmen Electra, Christina Milian, and Catwoman...Is it just me or did she used to be more attractive? Oh, it WAS JUST ME!



Daneger said...

Bone that s*t was horrible. I knew when the Black Eyed Peas brought her on it was a bad idea. It got them a little notariety for one album but now they are no longer true to what they started as if they support this sh*t. Pretty soon they will just be them dudes Fergy started with...damn shame.

Anonymous said...

Jeez DANE! I mean I know it's not good, but I can't front like that beat wouldn't boost me in the club. I didn't even know she wasn't originally with the group. I am not a Black Eyed Peas fan by any stretch of the imagination so I guess I am out of the loop.

Lawrenorder said...

BEP used to be classic. They always had this idea that a front girl was a good idea and over the years they've had a couple. But Fergie was the only one that could get them radio play (a couple of top selling albums, and a handful of awards...). In case you forgot they used to be grouped with the likes of Kweli, Mos, Common, and all those other 'cerebral'/socially conscious rappers.

Anonymous said...

I never paid attention to these guys until recently. Then again, I still don't pay attention to them, I just know who they are. Fergie isn't all that from what I have heard or seen...Uh, I don't get it! Is she supposed to be HOT or something?

Daneger said...

I don't know what it is about Fergie but she had whatever it took to get them radio play. I never liked the chick personally. As soon as she signed they went from a Slum Village type of group to...whatever the f*ck they are now. I was never a huge fan but I respected what I heard, until Fergie that is.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know that much about them Dane. Thanks for educated a bruh. I honestly don't know what it could possibly be about this chick that propelled the group. I KNOW Will.I.Am is talented though