Saturday, August 12, 2006


Thanks to Billy Sunday, I just started off my Saturday morning ROCKING LIKE SHYT! How, you ask? By watching the video below (thank you Billy, thank you!)

Did you peep how the crowd went bananas when Lil Kim came onstage? Man, thinking back to that time (when I was 15) and how much potential they had (Biggie, Kim, the Mafia, Puff)...It turned into a lot, but it still could have been SO MUCH MORE (damn, I just quoted Fat Joe). They did hit after hit after hit...And vintage Puffy (LMAO!) I ain't even gonna start on homie with the boxers and Tims on!

Oh yeah, can someone count how many of those Biggie lyrics have been stolen at one point in time by rappers who have followed him. I noticed AT LEAST 3 that have been reused.

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