Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Me, Colin Farrell, and Jamie Foxx...What do we have in common?

Jack shyt! I just figured that'd catch you guys attention.

BUT, I did go see Miami Vice last night and I must say that while the movie wasn't bad nor was it good, I witnessed some of the worst writing/acting in a movie in quite some time. Either the writer (Michael Mann) was a little lazy when writing this or the actors (Farrell and Foxx) just weren't doing a good job.

Now we all know that Jamie Foxx is a talented brotha and Colin is good is his own right (I mean, he's Australian and speaks English better than me without any signs of an accent). So this leads me to believe that the writing was just so horrible that not even Jamie or Colin could save it. There were a lot of quips and jaded phrases being tossed out in a very bravada-driven manner. Meaning, Foxx and Colin would be in precarious situations and all-of-a-sudden throw out some lame, cocky statement to show how confident yet tough they were and it would just come across as fake, purported, and wack. I would like to believe that these two guys could have improvised the script a bit more than it appears they did and made the writing seem a little better. But perhaps it was just an "off" on for both of these cats.

Overall though, I thought the movie was an average film. 3 Stars on this one. The action scenes are GREAT and if you like big guns and people getting knocked off, then you'll like several scenes in this movie. But overall, it just left you wishing there was MORE to it. I can see why it isn't doing too well. One thing is for sure, Jamie and Colin are not Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. Or should I say Crockett & Tubbs?

A couple items though, that I wanted to make note of from this film:

1. Colin Farrell (arguably) has a mullet in this film as well as the handlebar mustache like Big Paulie from Orange County Choppers. I found this QUITE hilarious!



2. I don't know who this girl Elizabeth Rodriguez is, but she was HOT in the movie.


Daneger said...

Man, I don't even remember that chick Elizabeth Rodriguez from the movie. Now the chick that played the body double for Jamie Foxx's girlfriend in the shower scene (cause you know that wasn't the same girl, they never even showed the face...LOL). SHE was hot!!!

T.C. said...

What do me, Beyonce, and whatever else HOT chick that is IN at the moment have in common? NOTHING! I just thought I would say that...LOL

Anonymous said...

Dane, you are 100% correct!

j.a.c. said...

Lol. I feel you on the writing, but I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. No? I've never seen the original Miami Vice, so I just figured it was a play on the old one because of course, there couldn't be another good reason why they were talking like that. It took me a minute to get used to at first, but once I figured out how to decode what in the world they were saying, I was straight. I liked the plot and character relationships most of all. The twists and turns were great.

Anonymous said...

JAC, the writing isn't supposed to SUCK! There's a difference between cop talk and just bad writing. And to me, some of that stuff is stuff that no real cop would say on his best or worst day. Too much machismo = Cheezy!

*Some* of it was legit cop jargon. But alot of it was just stuff that came across as overdone or way too macho. It was lame.

You gotta see if you can find some of the original stuff. Don Johnson was smoother than "Eric Estrada dipped in dollahs" (as Loon said).

Funny thing is, I liked the action scenes in the movie and I actually some some effects and stuff I've never seen before like pieces of arms flying off and a person getting run over by a 18-wheeler. This may seem virile, but it was actually cool how they did it.

The movie was very SMAVERAGE to me. I am glad you enjoyed it though.