Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random Miscellaneousness...

Lonny Baxter:

Big Dummy Lonny Baxter (who by the way, has a history of racking off outside clubs) went and let off shots near the White House (and I ain't talking about Rick Ross's "White House". If you care to see footage of this clown getting locked up...Check it out:

The only legit excuse I could allow Lonny to spit is that he was shooting at someone to defend himself. But according to my man Rah, Mr. Baxter has a history of poppin off outside clubs. Real smart considering you're highly conspicuous because you're 1) a former Maryland hoop star, 2) You play or have played in the NBA, 3) You're 6 foot 8 inches, and 4) You drive a Pearl white Range Rover.

"Foot for thought [Lonny], you do the dishes."

You're innocent until proven guilty mayne...But stupid until proven smart.

NOTE - What's funny to me is that I was gonna call him Rev. Leroy Lonny Love (David Alan Grier on a Martin episode) and come to find out, his middle name is actually Leroy. LMAO!

Lil Wayne:

Lil Weeziana got locked this week as well. Prescription pills, weed...The only thing he was missing was the gun. Thank goodness you didn't have that on you Weezie. One of your weed carriers must have had it. Rappers just don't get it to they? I mean there are REALLY hip-hop cops dummy! They are WATCHING YOU! Yet you still try to get away with doing illegal stuff. I mean it's not like they're infringing on your "civil liberties"...The stuff you're doing is ILLEGAL! Gosh!

Ross at #1:

As I expected, Ricky Ross SleepyWay is NUMBER ONE on Billboard. Hurray for the new wave of snow/white/blow rappers! You guys actually have a shot at moving units.

The album is a 3.5/5 MIKE's for me. But maybe you'll like it. I'll probably SPILL IT in the next couple days.

Lil Kim signing with Interscope:

Smooches ;-)

Am I the only person who finds it funny that Lil Kim will now be labelmates with Fiddy? A guy she dislikes and has made a diss song about ("He in C-T with a d&ck in his butt"...remember that line? LOL). Now she and 50 will be labelmates and if Interscope is as saavy as they should be, they'll want these two to make a song together because that'd create hell-buzz for them both.

Can you imagine Lil Kim and 50 in the studio together? I can't. Kim has made it plain and simple she don't like snitches (ie - Lil Cease). Then again, maybe Maino can handle 50 like he did Cease.


Jigga dropping an album in the next 6 months...Remember where you heard it!

Keyshia Cole:


After watching the last few episodes of her reality show on BET, she 'bout to be my NEW girl. I like Keyshia Cole. Even though we all know she can be ghetto, I like her alot. She actually has some sense and can handle herself with tact and maturity. But she just from the streets so she got that edge to her at times. I like her even more now that I have watched a few episodes of that show. Her sister though...WILD!

Pac and Biggie freestyle:

My man Dane posted this joint on his blog. Gotta show him some love! If you like Biggie and you like PAC and you never heard them together before, this video might sice you!


Daneger said...

Lonny is an IDIOT man, couldn't believe it when I heard it.

Lil Wayne needs to leave Birdman for someone who will give better guidance.

I'm gonna take the under on that 6 months for Hov's next album also.

Dawg it's funny cause I have gained a new respect for Ms. Cole after watching the BET show also. To bad I couldn't get the same for Earl Simmons...that bama is OUT THERE!

Appreciate the shout on the Blog. Good Look For Real!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Lil Wayne is his own man. I don't think the Birdman really has any influence on him other than to get that money and be flashy. I would not be surprised if Stunna don't even smoke or drink. But still have bottles of Crissy all over his crib. LOL.

I see you feel me on that HOV ish.

DMX show was WACK. He is psychotic. I do kinda like what he's trying to do with the spirituality in his music. But he's not consistent enough. He lunches out wayyy too often to be believable.

Of course Imma shout you out HOMES!

T.C. said...

Love K. Cole...spotted her OFF the break...with I changed my mind...

Lil Wayne needs to just get it together...and who really cares if this bama isn't a 80s baby...makes sense...him and Trina are around the same age then...

I can't wait for S. to drop that thang...and NO you aren't the first to say it...I ain't either...but you definitely aren't...

DMX does need help

Lonny is the DUMBEE & BAMA of the week for that HOT mess he pulled, and to top it off that fool might lose his contract that he JUST signed to play ball over seas...

Ok that's about it