Thursday, August 17, 2006

My cellphone PET PEEVE

I know I am not the only person on this!

Because I am cheap with my VZ wireless plan and I only have like the $34.99/month joint, I got unlimited IN text messaging and 500 "out" (people who don't have VZ wireless service) text messages added to my plan for like $10 a month or something like that.


I am realizing that most of you friends of mine don't have Verizon Wireless. So all those text messages I send you and that I receive from you guys are adding up. I haven't exceeded the 500 text message limit yet, but I can feel it coming (no johnnycakes).

The random email chain forwards I get really upset the hell out of me. Especially that joint about "every time I call it says a message telling me you're busy giving head!" OMG that shyt is annoying and SILLY! More importantly, it is counted as a "out" message. So please refrain from sending me those joints. It's not cool over email and it's not cool over text!

Aside from messages like that, I get random messages from friends like "I just got a ticket while driving to Atlanta". Man so the f&ck what! As long as you're not in danger and you're in good health...Call me when you GET THERE! Jeez!

The worst part of this text messaging problem is that as of right now you CANNOT stop someone from sending you text messages! So that means no matter how many rage-filled blogposts I put up or how many times I tell someone to just call me...They still can send me text messages that count towards my limit. I think this is an evil evil thing that VZ wireless is VERY cool with because it costs me mone. And that puts money in their pockets!

So my only solution is to upgrade my package to unlimited text messaging to/from everyone. WHY? Because I text message people all the time. So much so that people often call me out and say "Instead of texting me all the time, you should pick up the phone!" So yes, I have been operating under a complete double-standard that I've set for others not to text me if they're not a VZ wireless customer, but I will text them at every chance I get. YES, I'M a complete HYPOCRITE!

But you know what, I will no longer spazzz out about the text messages (except the stupid ones like I mentioned above), I'll just pay the extra $20 or whatever it is per month to not have to worry. Verizon, you smart BASTIDS! Lazy people like me would rather pay more than stop text messaging. "Vous etes tres intelligent et je suis tres paresseux"

Can't wait till I get that Motorola Q though.


T.C. said...

you KNOW I feel you on this one...esp. with you know who that LOVES to send me those things...start telling folks that they are gonna HAVE to put in on your bill if they keep it up and they WILL stop that mess...ESP. if you go around their way to COLLECT your money...serious bidness...the random text messages have slowed down!!!

Anonymous said...

Collecting is a good idea. BUT most of them are in PG/DC and I would spend more money in gas than the money I'd be collecting (LMAO!). Besides, bamas would duck me at all costs. I could hear Wayne now "Damn Bone, charge me to text you then!"

T.C. said...

Yeah point well taken...and I CAN you your mans and them now...too funny...but me Imma charge bamas cause most of my friends don't text it be the mis. dudes that want to send crap and that blows me!

j.a.c. said...

Mike, when you get the Q, it's only going to get worse. I got it about 2 months ago and for some reason the thing makes my fingers happy! Good luck with that. My text bill is outrageous!!

Anonymous said...

I think I have no choice but to spring for the unlimited text joint. It's just too much to worry about otherwise. I don't even feel like having to think about it. Besides, I will probably drop my home phone line down to some ridiculously cheap plan just so I have a home phone but use my cell as my primary line...Or get Vonage like Tiff