Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fit of RAGE: My online pet peeve

Below is the verbal equivalent of what Maurice Clarett was gonna do with all those guns he had...ENJOY!

Recently, I ran into an old friend and we exchanged information. So we emailed back and forth a few times and that was it. NOW though, all I get is email forwards from this person. No emails to say hello or what are you up to or just to let me know what's good. Str8 forwards!


I may not communicate with people in the traditional (telephone) sense like I used to. I email alot because I am in front of a computer all-day-every-day, and my email client is open or my Yahoo Mail account is open. So rather than pick up my phone at work and make a call (which I have to pay for anyway) I will email you. Besides, half the stuff you talk about with people at work you have no business talking about anyway. And I am one of those people who doesn't feel like my co-workers should know ALL my personal business. But that's just me. Occasionally I will make a call from the job and chit-chat or I will talk with someone who calls me. But not very often. The exceptions to this have always been my family members and my ex-girlfriends.

Anyway, I got off topic...You friggin email forwarders PI$$ ME OFF! If you are going to send me forwards all the time you better for d@mn sure send me an email once in a while just to see how I am doing. YOU BETTER! If not, I feel like I am just another name in your address book stuck under some label/group like "Everyone", "All", "High School Friends", "College Friends", "Guys", etc. I don't mind being part of your Address Book groups, but I definitely expect a little one-on-one communication with you via email or by phone (if you know me well, you know my cell number) every once in a while. And I know this won't stop you habitually forwarding MF-ers (LOL) but I just needed to get this off my chest while it's fresh. If this post makes you feel funny, you might just be a habitual forwarder who never sends any personalized messages to ya boy! Get ya mind right!

The moral of all this is that I WOULD RATHER HEAR FROM YOU THAN THROUGH YOU!

(And I am copyrighting that statement RIGHT NOW. So when you use it, give me my credit.)

But what I mean is, I would rather hear from you every once in a blue moon than have to hear about some missing girl in California or what new outfit Beyonce wore at the latest award show or the celebrity gossip THROUGH YOU! Imma hear about that shyt anyway! You are not the ONLY person forwarding that shyt and you won't be the first or the last!

So while you guys/gals are out there forwarding away, please keep in mind that if you're forwarding all this stuff to people, you should at least keep some sort of personalized communication with the people on that list. Otherwise you become an IRRITANT, plain and simple. And where does that get you..."File 13" of course:


j.a.c. said...

Dag! I'm never emailing you ever again in my entire life!! LOL. Just playing Mike. I understand your frustration... Do what I do. Just smile, click and do a massive delete. Believe me, it works!

Anonymous said...

Trust me JAC, I dooz just that!

Daneger said...

Man this joint is even more frustrating when it's someone that you expect to actually want to see what's up with you. Like an old friend you used to be tight with in highschool. This has happened to me too many times.

Anonymous said...

Yup Dane. I am about to start setting up filters for email addresses to send that shyt directly to the trash if there's an "FW" in the subject of certain people's messages. It's just too much!