Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Miscellaneous Randomness

TIP to co-star alongside DANZEL!

"Triple-black Phantom and I'm not even TIP"

"Atlanta rapper T.I. is hard at work on his second film, 'American Gangster,' which pits him alongside Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe."

This is a VERY good look for T-I-P. He is also working on his own production company AND his next album, "TI vs TIP". If the album is anything like the song he did on his 2nd CD (or was it the first) - it was either I'm Serious or Trap Muzik - then this album will probably be dope. Oh yeah, got those two CDs, real TIP fan here, that's why I've been so critical...

CUBA: What will life be like after Fidel Castro?

1. Will the U.S. trade with Cuba?

2. Who will become president dictator? Will Raul really replace his brother?

3. Will Cubans still flee the country for "freedom"? Or will alot of the Cubans who are here return home? Please stay ladies! PLEASE!

4. Will the build that bridge between Key West and Cuba (90-mile bridge that is)?

5. What will the U.S. government do if there is a mass-exodus of Cubans back to Cuba?

By the way, am I the ONLY person who sees quite a bit of irony in that the Cubans fleed to get here for *freedom* and now that Castro *MAY* be dying, they're going to flee back home? Not to mention the U.S. government tries to keep them from coming here and now they're talking about not letting them all flee BACK HOME...???...??? WTF


Rise in hip-hop record sales paralleled by a rise in baking soda??? (Courtesy of

FYI - Baking soda is one of the ingredients used to make CRACK!

Click on the chart below and take a look at the year 2000

Crack Music - Kanye West (featuring GAME)...There IS A MESSAGE behind the music!!!

"How we stop the black Panthers/
Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer/

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Kaisha said...

wow! where did u get that chart from?? wow! thats crazee! i believe it! just one more conspiricy theory to add to my collection!